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We at Roundtable Software believe support of the Roundtable Software Advantage Accounting System is best provided by one of our authorized solution providers. Because of that, we make every effort to connect users with a qualified reseller.

We do not offer direct technical support to users. If you have a problem that your dealer cannot solve, they should contact us for assistance. You may wish to review our newsletters; often, timely issues are discussed in them that might address your problem.

Users, please contact us for a local dealer referral, or contact one of our national telephone support centers.

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Issue 79, February 28, 2014

Additional Updates to eFile Prep

Issue 78, January 20, 2014

Additional Updates to 2014 Tax Tables

Issue 77, January 5, 2014

Additional Updates to eFile Prep

Issue 76, December 31, 2013

Additional 2014 Tax Table Updates in eFile Prep

Issue 75, December 3, 2013

eFile Prep for 2013/14 Release

New Version of RTS-Advantage Point of Sale Invoicing Released (5.05)

New Version of RTS-Advantage System Manager Release (5.12)

RTS-Advantage Version 4 Patch 42 Released

Issue 74, January 4, 2013

Additional 2013 Tax Table Updates

New RTS-Advantage File Quick Reference Sheet

Issue 73, December 18, 2012

eFile for 2012/13 Released

New Version of RTS-Advantage System Manager Released (5.11)

New Version of RTS-Advantage Point of Sale Invoicing Released(5.04)

New Version of RTS-Advantage Inventory Released (5.06)

Tax Tables now Released with eFile Prep

Issue 72, December 29, 2011

Payroll Tax Tables for 2012 Released

Issue 71, December 22, 2011

eFile for 2011/2012 Released

Payroll Tax Tables for 2012

Issue 70, March 16, 2011

RTS-Advantage Version 4 Patch 41 Released

New Version of RTS-Advantage System Manager Released (5.0.9)

New Version of RTS-Advantage Point of Sale Invoicing Released(5.0.3)

Installing on Windows 7 Network Workstations

Issue 69, December 28, 2010

2011 Payroll Tax Tables Released

Issue 68, December 15, 2010

eFile Prep Module for 2010/11 Released

RTS-Advantage Version 4 Patch 40 Released

New Version of RTS-Advantage System Manager Released (5.0.8)

New Version of RTS-Advantage Point of Sale Invoicing Released(5.0.2)

New Version of RTS-Advantage Web Commerce Released (5.0.8)

New Version of RTS-Advantage Bank Reconciliation Released(5.0.6)

New Version of RTS-Advantage Inventory Released (5.0.5)

Q&A: Why are my printers listed in that order?

Issue 67, June 23, 2010

New Patch 39 for RTS-Advantage 4.0 -- IMPORTANT Patch for X-Charge Users

Issue 66, June 10, 2010

Windows Point of Sale Invoicing Module Patch Released

Payroll Tax Tables Updated

Issue 65, April 5, 2010

Windows Point of Sale Invoicing Module Released

New Version of System Manager Released

New Version of Windows Inventory Released

Issue 64, March 23, 2010

Windows Point of Sale Invoicing Module Release is Imminent!

New Version of System Manager Released

New Patch 38 for RTS-Advantage version 4

New Version of Web Commerce Released

New Version of Windows Bank Reconciliation Released

New Version of Windows Inventory Released

Issue 63, February 12, 2010

New Version of Web Commerce Released

Running RTS-Advantage Version 4 on 64-Bit Windows Computers

Issue 62, December 30, 2009

New Federal Withholding Calculations for Non-Resident Aliens

Federal Tables for 2010 Available

Issue 61, December 9, 2009

2009/10 eFile Prep Released

RTS-Advantage Version 4 Patch 37 Released

Gigantic Files: How They Happen And How To Fix Them

Issue 60, September 29, 2009

System Manager 5.02 Released

Web Commerce 5.05 Released

Windows 7 Compatibility

Issue 59, September 17, 2009

System Manager 5.06 Released

Web Commerce 5.04 Released

Issue 58, February 3, 2009

Updated Tax Tables Available

Note On Tax Table Changes

Issue 57, October 16, 2008

RTS-Advantage Version 4 Patch 36 Now Available

New Web Commerce Patch Released

New Windows Inventory Patch Released

New Windows Bank Reconciliation Patch Released

New Windows System Manager Released

2008/09 Edition of Federal & State eFile Prep Released

No Formatting Changes to 2008 Paper W-2 and 1099-MISC Forms

Eliminating Annoying Messages When Running on a Windows XP/Vista Network

Clearing Up Some Common Questions about the Windows Products

NPC Direct Deposit -- New Web-Based Interface

Printing Bitmaps on Labels

New All-Inclusive Trial Version Available

Issue 56, July 3, 2008

Problem Accessing Help From Windows Modules

New Web-Based Interface for NPC Direct Deposit

Issue 55, May 22, 2008

Inventory for Windows Released

Introductory Pricing

Patch 35 for Version 4 Released

Updated Version of Windows System Manager Released

Patch Available for Windows Bank Rec Module

Patch Available for Web Commerce Module

Issue 54, January 30, 2008

Patch 34 Released

Possible Alternative to Using Novell NETX Client

Unix Product Now Available on CD

Issue 53, December 31, 2007

2007/08 Federal & State eFile Prep Released

Windows System Manager Now Available

Patch for Bank Reconciliation for Windows Available

Patch for Web Commerce for Windows Available

Incorrect W2 Format In General Ledger

Nasty Windows Bug

Issue 52, December 18, 2007

Patch 33 Released

General Ledger Number Formatting on Financial Statments

Record Locking in Windows Vista Home Edition

Windows Printer Interface & Dot Matrix Printers

How To Implement Health Savings Accounts

Our New Fax Number

Holiday Schedule

eFile Prep for 2007 Release Scheduled

On The Lighter Side...

Issue 51, September 20, 2007
Web Commerce for Windows Released

Novell 6 Not Supported

Issue 50, August 28, 2007
Patch 32 Released


Issue 49, June 25, 2007
Patch 31 Released

Q & A

Sales Tax Recalculating
Missing Windows Printers After Installing Patch 31
Updating A Customized Screen Form

Using Go To My PC

Web Commerce Coming Soon!

Issue 48, March 20, 2007

Bank Reconciliation for Windows Released

RTS-Advantage Version 3.3 Upgrade Pricing To End

Using Vista With Our Windows Product

Issue 47, March 7, 2007
Patch 30 Released

Tax Table Updates

RTS-Advantage 4 on Windows Vista

Q & A

Duplicate Terminal Numbers
Federal and State Treat Employer Contribution Differently
Sizing of DOS Windows

Bank Reconciliation for Windows Release Date

Issue 46, January 9 2007

Patch 29 Released
More States Release 2007 Tax Tables: CT, CO, MA, MO, OK, RI

Issue 45, December 30 2006

Federal & State eFile Prep 2006/07 Edition Released
Reminder: Windows Bank Rec Beta Test Program Ending Soon

Issue 44, December 18 2006

Bank Reconciliation for Windows Beta Testing Status
Patch 28 Released
W2 Preparations Checklist
eFile Prep Available for Pre-ordering
RTS-Advantage for Unix Available on CD
How the New Allowance Screen of Payroll Tax Tables Work

Issue 43, November 6 2006
Patch 27 Released
2006 Magnetic Media Release Date
Bank Rec Windows Version Beta Released

Issue 42, July 24 2006
Patch 26 Released
Patches for Add-Ons To Maintain Compatibility
Windows Version Beta Testing
Internet Shopping Carts and RTS-Advantage

Issue 41, April 3, 2006
Patch 25 Released
Updated 2006 Tax Tables for Iowa
Printing an A/P Aging for a Prior Period

Issue 40, February 8, 2006
Patch 24 Released
Updated 2006 Tax Tables for Several States
Proper Setup For Union Deductions
Test Version of ADVMULTI for Multi-Session Users

Issue 39, December 19, 2005
Magnetic Media for Tax Year 2005 Released
Updated 2006 Tax Tables for FWT and Several States
Using Serial COM Ports Under Windows XP

Issue 38, November 7, 2005
Patch 23 Available
Updated Tax Tables for OASDI and New York State
Using RTS-Advantage In Full Screen Mode
Q&A: Why doesn't the unit cost field print on Billing program 5?
Q&A: Why doesn't the OE picking ticket print all my message lines?

Issue 37, October 12, 2005
Patch 22 Available
Q&A: Loading Version 4 Onto Diskless Workstations
Year-End Tax News

Issue 36, August 12, 2005
Patch 21 Available
Q&A: Slow Printing Under Version 4
Q&A: Importing From Web-Based Trading Partners

Issue 35, June 30, 2005
Patch 20 Available
Q&A: How To Produce An Hourly Sales Analysis Of Point of Sale Data
Q&A: New Machine Has Flaky Problems With RTS-Advantage

Issue 34, June 8, 2005
Patch 19 Available
Q&A: Is there a way to know what section to edit in Screen Builder?
Q&A: What is the meaning of the "Affect AP" flag on the PO Audit?

Issue 33, May 5, 2005

Patch 18 Available
nix Users: How To Get The Patch 18 Update
Q&A: Why does my RG report only print one line of detail?
Tax Table Updates
Q&A: How does the Annual Figures prompt affect tax calculations?

Issue 32, March 18, 2005

Patch 17 Available: Credit Card Enhancement & Fixes for BR and IN
Q&A: Why are RG reports so much faster on a peer-to-peer server?

Issue 31, March 5, 2005

Patch 16 Available: Credit Card Fix & Unix Compatibility
Patch for Launchpad Application
New Tax Tables for Iowa That Take Effect April 1, 2005
"Lost" Functionality in Order Entry program 6

Issue 30, February 23, 2005
Patch 15 Available: 2 New Features plus Fixes
Replacement CD's For Current Patches
Release of RTS-Advantage Version 4 for Unix
Terminal Dates That Won't Stay Current
Credit Card Processing With X-Charge Software
Notice To Iowa Payroll Users

Issue 29, February 1, 2005
FREE Enhancement Added for Default Secondary Salesperson

Issue 28, January 26, 2005
Latest Tax Table Updates
Patch 12
Patch 13
Reference Codes in Payroll

Issue 27, January 3, 2005
Additional Tax Table Changes
Patch 10
Why Does It Seem Like I Lost Functionality With Version 4?

Issue 26, December 21, 2004
2004 Tax Forms Are Ready
Magnetic Media For Tax Year 2004 Is Available
Tax Table Updates For 2005
Tech Tip: How To Quickly Zero Quantities

Issue 25, December 17, 2004
Several New Patches Made Available
Setting The Default Font For Use With The Windows Printer Interface
Status of 2004 Tax Forms & Magenetic Media

Issue 24, November 16, 2004
Patches Available For Add-On Programs
Invalid Login or Password Error When Using Launchpad
Windows Printing Utility
Problems When Adding Customers/Items On The Fly

Issue 23, November 12, 2004
Version 4 Windows Installation
Changing the Federal Reference Code for Certain Deductions
Patches for Version 4

Issue 22, October 28, 2004
Release of Version 4.0 Announced
Limited Time Upgrade Special
Ordering Information
Availability of 2004 Tax Forms & Magnetic Media

Issue 21, March 17, 2004
MMRS2003 Patch
Q&A: Report Generator

Issue 20, February 4, 2004
Books Of Knowledge Giveaway Winner
New Partner: Forms-R-Us
Q&A: Automatically Updating Inventory Prices

Issue 19, December 17, 2003
Magnetic Media For Tax Year 2003 Released
New Tax Tables For 2004

Issue 18, December 9, 2003
RTS-Advantage Book of Knowledge Set
New Pricing On Full Systems
W2 and 1099-MISC Printing
Keyboard Lockups On Certain New Computers

Issue 17, June 16, 2003
Updated Tax Tables
Running DOS Batch Files From Icons On XP

Issue 16, December 6, 2002
Magnetic Media for Tax Year 2002
W2/1099 forms for 2002
Posting Bonus Pay
Using TSR's in Windows

Issue 15, July 24, 2002
Novell Client 4.8x Is Buggy
Using Printers With Windows
Summer Vacation Days
Success Stories

Issue 14, March 13, 2002
Incompatable Versions Message In Data
Export Tool

Using USB Printers

Issue 13, March 3, 2002
New Windows Product Released
Tips for Running Under Windows XP

Issue 12, December 30, 2001
Magnetic Media for Tax Year 2001 Released
Patch 6: Updated Tax Tables
Making Year-end Backups
Understanding and Using W2 Changes for 2001
Do You Have A Legitimate Copy Of The Software?
On The Horizon
Double Wide W2s

Issue 11, October 18, 2001
2001 Tax Forms Patch Released
Windows XP

Issue 10, June 13, 2001
Version 3.3 For Unix Released
Latest Patches
Windows 2000 Update
Q & A

Issue 9, April 3, 2001
Patches For Version 3.3
Windows ME: Additional File Handles
Technical Support
Windows 2000
Importing Vendor Cost Updates

Issue 8, March 5, 2001
Version 3.3 Released
Highlights Of Version 3.3

Issue 7, December 26, 2000
Recent Patches
The RTS-Advantage Accounting System And Laser Printers
Recreating FR Files With File Fixer
Windows ME

Issue 6, August 5, 2000
Windows NT OpLocks Bug And How To Fix It

Issue 5, May 2, 2000
Attributes For Files
NT Service Patch 4
Windows 2000
New Fields Added To Reports
Using The CPYSTATE Program

Issue 4, March 30, 2000
New Format For DOS Patches: DeltaDOS
Duplicate Terminal Numbers
New Printer Numbers For OSTYPE 5
DOS Scripting

Issue 3, January 4, 2000
Y2K Compliance? You'd Better Believe It!
W2's, 1099's and Magnetic Media Reporting
Peer-To-Peer Networking And the RTS-Advantage Accounting System

Issue 2, December 14, 1999
DOS Window Properties... Settings
What Should BUFFERS Be Set To?
LANtastic Not Running As Multi-User
The Y2K Separator
SA7 Bombing When Doing All Files/Companies
Phantom Users In SA12

Issue 1, October 26, 1999
Unix Version 3.01 Released
AR28 Balance Not Agreeing With Aged Schedule
IC-Verify Tips & Tricks
February Bal Fwd Statements Not Working In AR

Topical Index
How To
Click on the issue number(s) after each topic to access that newsletter article.
Determine the section to edit in Screen Builder, 34

EIC, 57
Eliminate Unknown Publisher Errors, 57

Find New Fields On Reports After Updates, 10

Health Savings Accounts, 52, 54

Import Cost Updates From Vendors, 9

Making Year-end Backups, 12

Print an A/P Aging for a Prior Period, 41
Print Bitmaps on Labels
, 57
Print Multiple Copies, 24
Process Credit Cards, 30
Post Bonus Pay, 16
Produce An Hourly Sales Analysis Of Point of Sale Data,

Recreate FR Files With File Fixer, 7

Run RTS-Advantage In Full Screen Mode, 38
Run TSR's Under Windows, 16

Screen Builder, which section to edit?
, 34
Screen Builder, Updating After Patches, 57
Scripted Input, 4

Understanding and Using W2 Changes for 2001, 12
Update A Customized Screen Form, 49
Update Federal Reference Codes for Version 4, 23

Update SCFM Files, 49
Use Go To My PC, 49
Use the New Allowance Screen of the Payroll Tax Tables, 44
Use Newly Added Fields On Reports, 5
Use Reference Codes in Payroll, 28

Use The CPYSTATE Program, 5

Zero Inventory Quantities, 26
Q & A
Click on the issue number(s) after each topic to access that newsletter article.
Access Denied, Windows Modules, 57
A/P Aging With Cut Off Date, 41
AR28 Balance Doesn't Equal Aged Schedule, 1
Automatically Update Inventory Prices, 20

Billing Unit Costs, When Assigned, 38

Data Export Tool, Incompatible Versions Error, 14
Duplicate Terminal Numbers, 4, 47

Emailing reports
, 57
Explosions: Changing After Ordering, 10

February Bal. Fwd Statements Not Working, 1

General Ledger: Supressing the Dollar Sign in Program 18, 52
GoToMyPC, 49

How Does The Y2K Separator Work?, 2

Importing Orders, 36, 51
Invalid Login in Launchpad, 24

Loading Version 4 Onto Diskless Workstations, 37

Message Lines on the OE Picking Ticket
, 38

New Machine Has Flaky Problems,

On-the-fly Adding Has Weird Defaults, 49
OPLOCKS, 6, 50
Order Entry Picking Ticket and Message Lines, 38

Parts Explosions in Report Generator, 21
Payroll: Annual Figures prompt on tables, 33
Payroll: Different Treatment of Employer Contribution by State and Federal, 47
Payroll: Direct Deposit, 55
, 57
Payroll: EIC tables
, 57
Payroll: Health Savings Accounts, 52, 54
Payroll: New Allowance Screen of Tax Tables, 44
Payroll: Reference Codes, 28
Payroll: W2 for 2006 Preparations Checklist, 44
Payroll: Union Setup, 40
Phantom Users in SA12, 2
Point of Sale: Hourly Sales Analysis,
Printer Number Assignments, 4
Printing Slowdown in Windows
, 57
Printing Slowdown Under Version 4, 36
Purchase Orders: the Affect AP flag on the audit
, 34

Running RTS-Advantage In Full Screen Mode
, 38
Record Locking Under Vista Home, 52
Report Generator: Only one line of detail printing, 33
Report Generator: Free Format, POS Hourly Sales,
Report Generator Footer & Header Sections, 10

SA7 Bombs Doing All Files/Companies, 2
Sales Tax Recalculating, 49
Screen Builder: How to determine the section
, 34
Screen Builder: Using the UPDATE option,
Screen Forms, Updating, 49

Terminal Dates Not Staying Current, 30, 47

Unit Costs In Billing
, 38
Using the UPDATE Option in Screen Builder, 49
Using Laser Printers, 7

Using USB Printers, 14, 25

Vendor Part Numbers in Report Generator, 21

W2's, 1099's and Magnetic Media, 3, 16, 22, 25, 37, 44
, 57
Web-based orders, importing, 36, 51
What should FILES and BUFFERS be set to?, 11
Why does RG print so much faster from a peer-to-peer server?, 32
Why Did I Lose Functionality With Version 4?,
27, 31, 36
Windows Installation Gotcha, 23
Windows Modules, Denied Access
, 57
Windows Modules, F6 on secondary fields, 57
Windows Modules, Help Access, 55
Windows Printers, Order in Lookups, 68
Windows Printer Interface & Dot Matrix Printers, 52
Windows Printers Missing After Patch 31, 49

Operating Systems
Click on the issue number(s) after each topic to access that newsletter article.
Diskless Workstations, 37

LANtastic: Unable To Run Mulituser, 2

Novell Client 4.8x Is Buggy, 15
Novell NETX Client, 54
Novell 6, 51

NT And OpLocks, 6, 50
NT Service Pack 4, 5

Peer-To-Peer Networking, 3, 32

Windows & Printers, 15, 49, 52
Windows 2000, 5, 9, 10, 11, 53
Windows ME, 7, 9
Windows XP, 11, 13, 16, 17,
35, 39, 53, 57
Windows Vista, 47, 48, 52
, 57
Windows 7,
60, 63, 70

System Settings

Attributes For Advantage Files, 5
BUFFERS, 2, 11
DOS Window Properties... Settings, 2, 47

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