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Roundtable Software Newsletter #66, June 11, 2010

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In this issue...

New Version of Windows Point of Sale Invoicing Released

Some problems and enhancement requests were reported and addressed on the new Point of Sale Invoicing:

  • New feature: An option was added to change report formats on the fly for a particular invoice -- see the new option on the Notes tab of the Invoicing program
  • If an invoice was put on hold, and then the salesperson on the General screen was changed when brought back from hold and printed, the original salesperson was reported on the printed invoice.
  • Credit card CVC numbers need to be able to take 4 digits for American Express -- was set up to only take 3
  • Buyer's Department field in the Invoicing program accepted numbers only up to 255, not the correct maximum of 32767.
  • Various issues were fixed for using continuous feed (dot matrix) printers operating through Windows drivers (not direct port printing).
  • New feature: An option was added that allows you to send an invoice by email and print it locally at the same time when you press Finish (new checkbox on the Invoicing program General tab).
  • New feature: If an AR customer is entered in the Invoicing program and they have notes associated with them, an indicator displays next to the Customer Number field to alert you.
  • X-Charge interface did not function if you selected a different Result File directory than the default, AUSER.
  • Preset items did not update to Accounts Receivable Sales History.
  • Several printing programs gave debug errors when used on Windows 98.
  • The default bar code invoice format included a background image that was meant for a different format.
  • New feature: when choosing to print a transaction to a non-default printer on the fly in the Invoicing program, you can now choose local printers in addition to network printers (choose the Include Graphics option from the dropdown)

New Versions:

EARTH: 5a07
PI04: 5.01
PI08: 5.01
PI09: 5.01
PI10: 5.01
PI12: 5.01
PI17: 5.01
PI18: 5.01
PI00PL: 5.01
PI00FR: 5.01

The patch can be downloaded or you can order an updated CD from your dealer. Patches are available for all three installation types: full version, remote version and Limited Edition. You will need to run System Manager ... Update Files to bring your data files up to date after installation.

Payroll Tax Tables Updated

A new ADPRTXTB.DAT file, version 4.28, is available with updated state withholding tables for Arizona (effective 7/1/10), Colorado, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Kentucky, Maine, Missouri, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon (supplemental table for employees with wages over $125,000), Rhode Island and Vermont.

Click here to go to the tax table download page.

To review how to install new tax tables, click here.

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