e-Newsletter, December 17, 2004

Roundtable Software E-Mail Newsletter Issue #25, December 17, 2004

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In this issue...

New Patches Available
We have several new patches available for users of version 4. Click here to review them. Patches address the following:
Patch 6
In Inventory you could not successfully customize the sort order for your Inventory items in Inventory program 53. This patch fixes the problem, but if you have already run IN program 53 and encountered the problem, you will need the patch but also will have to recreate your Inventory company FR file before you can successfully customize the sort order. To recreate a company FR file, rename or delete the current one (the name will be ADINmmFR.DAT where mm is the 2-charcater company code you assigned), then run File Fixer's Repair option. It will recreate the FR for you.
Patch 7

There was a problem with the credit card interface in dealing with manually keyed credit card transactions. If a credit card had an expiration date in October the month would be changed to January - naturally the credit card processor would reject the transaction. Swiped transactions were not affected by this problem.

This patch includes fixes for the credit card processing in Accounts Receivable program 18, Point of Sale programs 4 and 5, Billing program 4 and Order Entry program 1. For Quick Sale see patch 8 below.

This patch also includes a fix for a second problem in Billing program 4 where freight calculations could be incorrect after entering an additional discount percent. In order to encounter the problem you had to select the Totals option on the Totals screen and assign an additional discount percentage to the invoice, then next select the Boxes option and edit individual boxes. If you did these steps in this order the calculated total freight amount on the invoices could be overstated.

Patch 8
This patch is for the credit card processing problem discussed above for patch 7, but this patch is for Quick Sale users only. Since your remote locations only have the Quick Sale and System Administrator modules loaded (loading any other modules would be against your license agreement) you will need to apply this patch specific to Quick Sale at the remote locations.

Windows Printer Interface
If you find that you have a printer that doesn't seem to work with our new Windows Printer Interface, the problem may be that your printer does not have a native font loaded. If when you print to the printer the system acts like it printed but nothing actually comes out on the printer then this may be the cause. Luckily there is an easy way to get around the problem. Simply right-click on the Artie icon in your Windows system tray and choose the option Edit Settings from the menu. The Print Service Settings dialog box will appear. In the box headed "Font" change your setting from Use Default Printer Font to Use Selected Font. The choose a monospace font (Courier New 10 point works well). Now Save and try running another print job. With any luck you are now in business.

We find that this problem usually occurs with low-end all-in-one and inkjet printers. Apparently they don't come with preloaded standard fonts.

W2s, 1099s and MMRS
Testing on the W2 and 1099 changes for Payroll, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and General Ledger is being finalized and the updates will be available as patches very soon for version 4 users. Please note that if you are on an earlier version of the software you will not be able to take advantage of these free patches.

The 2004 edition of MMRS is also in final testing and will be available very soon. The 2004 edition of MMRS will be compatible with RTS-Advantage version 4 only.

We will be sending you an email as soon as these items are available.

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