e-Newsletter, July 3, 2008

Roundtable Software Newsletter #56, July 3, 2008

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Problem Accessing Help From Windows Modules

A few users are getting a Windows message "Navigation to website cancelled" when they try to access our help system. The problem appears to be related to a security patch that Microsoft released that disallows users from accessing shared HTML content. Apparently it didn't occur to them that many Windows-based help systems, ours included, are shared HTML content. Oh, well.

Microsoft has a page that offers several options for workarounds to the problem at:

Apparently this problem is not more widespread because the Microsoft patch that leads to this problem is not an automatic update.

New Web-Based Interface for NPC Direct Deposit

National Payment Corporation now has a web-based interface for submitting payroll direct deposit information. We have been assured that the old DOS/modem-based interface will continue to be supported for the time being, but it will eventually be phased out.

Luckily our Payroll module works with either interface. If you would like to switch over to the web-based interface (which, by the way, we are told NPC charges less for) you will continue to use the Create Deposit option in Payroll program 17, but no longer use the Transmit option.

After using Create Deposit to create the batch file, you will find the ADDIRDEP.xxx (xxx is the batch number you chose) file in your AUSER directory. View the contents with a text editor (Notepad works fine), select and copy the entire contents of the file. Then go to NPC's website with your browser and follow their instructions for pasting the contents of the file into their interface.

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