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Roundtable Software Newsletter #41, April 3, 2006

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In this issue...

Patch 25 Released
Click Here To Download This Patch
Be sure to review the instructions for loading this patch; it involves more that just the program files being updated!
This large patch fixes a few small problems, adds several new features to the software, and also updates some aspects of the software that must be changed in order to be compatible with our coming Windows version release:
  • NEW FEATURE: The Inventory Audit Trail, program 31, now has a new Label Printing option. In addition to reports, you can now print item and serial number labels based on the arrival of inventory (whether through receipts, productions, or other means). Labels can be printed based on the quantity increase, or by a specified constant number. When labels are printed for a given audit trail entry, there is also an internal flag set on that entry, so you can tell the program to only print labels for those entries that have not already had labels printed.

  • NEW FEATURE: Two new key files have been added to the Inventory audit trail. This will significantly speed up processing and printing of reports that use the audit trail, specifically:
  • Inventory program 29, Below Minimum Report
    (Daily option)

  • Inventory program 31, Audit Trail Report and Clear

  • Purchase Orders program 11, Auto-Create POs
    (Daily Minimum option)

  • Order Entry program 3, Picking Tickets
    (Item and Location options when printing only items appearing in the audit trail)

  • Quick Sale Office program 1, Export To Store
    (when exporting only items in the audit trail)

In addition to accelerated processing, the new keys also allow you to print your audit trail reports in order by activity date or by item number (previously you could only print by date).

  • Enhancement: The Customer Information labels printed by CI program 81 now have all CI fields available to be printed. The extra fields added are all currently outside the printable area of the label and must by moved with System Administrator program 11, Modify Reports, in order for them to print on labels.

  • Enhancement: Added the Customer State field to the reports printed by Billing programs 4 and 10. The new field has been added outside the printable area of the reports and must by moved with System Administrator program 11, Modify Reports, in order for it to print on reports.

  • In Order Entry program 3, Picking Tickets, if you used the Item option and specified no sorting, the program would bomb if there was nothing to print on the report.

  • When changing decimal classes in a module, the decimal settings in custom lookups were not being updated if you did not have a company specific print layout file. Now it will always update company specific lookups, and, if none exist, offer to update the default lookup decimals at your option.

  • In Inventory program 26, Quantity Sold, the program would allow the user to enter a serial number sold for a non-serialized item if the Inventory warehouse feature was turned off.

  • The Custom Lookup programs in all modules would allow you in certain unusual cases to define a lookup window too wide for the screen.

  • The versions of company-specific custom lookup data files are now displayed in System Administrator program 6, Maintain Files in the Info option.

  • Compatibility Issue: The format of the custom lookup data files needed to be upgraded for use with the Windows version currently in development. There is no change in the functionality of the custom lookups, but a number of internal changes were necessary. The changes to the lookup files make any company-specific custom lookup files you have created obsolete. Included with the patch is a utility program called UPDATELU.EXE that you will run from the operating system prompt. This utility updates all of your custom lookup files. Until the utility is run, your custom lookups will not function--you will receive an error message.

Once you've downloaded the zipped patch file and decompressed it in your APROGS directory, simply go to a DOS prompt, switch to the APROGS directory and type UPDATELU. The program will display a list of the custom lookup files as it updates them. Once the program has successfully run, your lookups are once again ready to use.

Click here to download this patch and be sure to read the instructions on how to load this large patch.

Updated Tax Tables For 2006
Iowa has published revised tax tables effective April 1, 2006. Click here to download the tax table patch. That section of the website has links to instructions on how to use these tables.

Printing an A/P Aging As Of The End Of A Prior Period
Q: I know that the Aging report in Accounts Receivable program 29 has a nice feature that allows me to print an aging as of a certain date in the past. This Cut Off Date allows me to print an aging as of the end of the last month. I need to do the same thing in Accounts Payable but there isn't a Cut Off Date field in program 20. Is there any way I can generate the report I want?

A: A/P does things just a bit differently--it uses the Days Past prompt to determine what detail to print. For example, with invoices dated 02/27, 02/28 and 03/01, answer the questions in AP20 as shown below and you'll get only the invoices dated on or before 02/28.

So as long as the Aging Date is one day past the date you want to use as the cut off, this method will allow you to print an A/P Aging for a prior period.

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