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Roundtable Software Newsletter #59, September 17, 2009

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In this issue...

System Manager 5.06 Released
The new version of System Manager has the following changes:
  • When changing terminal dates a warning is now given to remind you that the new date is not immediately recognized by currently open programs (in either DOS or Windows). The warning advises you to quit from any open programs in both platforms and re-enter them.

  • Various updates in preparation for the release of the Windows Point of Sale module.

Click here to download the current copy of System Manager.

Web Commerce 5.04 Released

The new version of Web Commerce includes the following upgrades and fixes:

  • WC05 (Export Items): PDG changed their requirements for importing items into the online store. Export files will now include header records for all record types, even if the user is only exporting certain ones.

    WC06 (Setup Order Import) and WC10 (Import Orders): The way we deal with discount types that are not supported by our Web Commerce module but are available in PDG's software (category quantity discounts are the only ones we know of at this time) has been changed. They are now supported ONLY in that we do not disregard the discount when importing orders. Since the actual reason for the discount is unknown to us, we will import any discounts or extra charges that we cannot otherwise account for as a non-inventory line item on the Order Entry order. In the Setup program (WC6) a new prompt has been added asking for the department that should be updated when we must create such a line item.

  • WC10 (Import Orders): Discounts on orders were improperly imported into Order Entry. While the discounts looked fine in that module, when the order was transferred to Billing the discount was no longer properly reflected.

  • WC10 (Import Orders): Will now display a warning if your order file contains an order for an AR customer flagged in our software to not allow any new sales. These orders MUST be imported because whether you like it or not, they did place an order. In order to prevent this from happening be sure not to export customers to the webstore that are set to Customer Status = 3.

Click here to download the patch to bring your Web Commerce software current.

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