e-Newsletter, March 20, 2007

Roundtable Software Newsletter #48, March 20, 2007

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In this issue...

Bank Reconciliation For Windows Released
Our new Bank Reconciliation module can now be ordered through your dealer. This module is not only Windows native, it also represents a huge step forward in the functionality of the Bank Reconciliation module. The interface is far easier to work with, making reconciling your bank statement actually enjoyable (okay, almost enjoyable!).

The Windows Bank Reconciliation module is 100% data-compatible with the DOS version of RTS-Advantage, as will be all the Windows modules in development. You can run the two products side-by-side on your system and use them alongside each other.

Among the major enhancements to the module, which retains all the existing features of the DOS product, but adds so much, are:

  • A fantastic new interface for the reconciliation process, including one-touch clearing and un-clearing of transactions, live updating of bank balances and uncleared transactions, and instant switching of view modes (two different sort orders, plus show all or just uncleared transactions).

  • In the Bank Master you can access your bank's website or write an email to your bank contact with the click of a button.

  • You can save the date you opened your bank account along with the opening deposit amount for enhanced reporting.

  • The Gather function and all reporting and purging functions use our new Super Range capability that lets you set ranges and/or wildcards on practically any of the fields and files affected.

  • Lookups have been enhanced so you can customize them to include much more information than could be shown in the limited DOS version.

  • Preview reports on-screen in a much more user-friendly format.

  • Print your company logo on your reports, create forms, and do custom watermarking with the new Report Images feature.

  • And perhaps most exciting of all, the new Charts and Graphs option which allows you to visually inspect your bank balances and transaction volume over time, compare multiple bank accounts in pie charts, and customize the charts and graphs in practically any way imaginable.

Click here to see a multimedia preview of the Windows Bank Reconciliation module.

Click here to download a demo of the Windows Bank Reconciliation module.

The suggested retail price of the Windows Bank Reconciliation module is $395, but we are offering it at the special introductory price of just $249 until Friday, April 6, 2007. Your purchase will also include at no extra charge a free patch CD to ensure that your RTS-Advantage version 4.0 product is up to date (you must be a registered 4.0 user to purchase the Bank Reconciliation module--it will not run standalone or with earlier versions of the software).

Version 3.3 to 4.0 Upgrade Pricing To End
We are discontinuing the special upgrade deal that has been offered on RTS-Advantage version 4 for version 3.3 users. The special upgrade price has been available for three years, ample time for anyone to upgrade. Starting Monday, April 16, 2007, version 3.3 users will have to purchase the full version of the software to upgrade to version 4.

Using Vista With Our Windows Product
The Windows product runs fine under Vista, but we did find that the screens display best if you change your settings to use Windows Classic or Windows Standard rather than Vista Basic. You will find this to be the case for many products created to be compatible with previous versions of Windows.

You can set your Vista display type by right-clicking on the desktop and selecting the Personalize option, then choose the Windows Color and Appearance option. There you'll find a list of Color Schemes; choose either Windows Classic or Windows Standard. NOTE: We are testing on Vista Business--these instructions may not apply exactly to other versions.

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