e-Newsletter, December 9, 2003

Roundtable Software E-Mail Newsletter Issue #18, December 9, 2003

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NEW PRODUCT! The RTS-Advantage Book of Knowledge Set

Are you ever frustrated when you have questions about the software and the manual doesn't answer them? Do you want more in-depth information than the manual offers? Do you find the manual hard to use and not user-friendly? Do you wish you could access the manual directly from your computer?

We hear your requests and we're answering in a big way. Now available is the RTS-Advantage Book of Knowledge Set, a two volume compendium of everything you could ever want to know about your accounting system. The Books of Knowledge include not only vastly improved program-by-program and function-by-function detailed walk-throughs, but also adds wonderful new features, including:

* Advanced Topics: Special essays that discuss the more challenging and powerful concepts of the software in depth.

* Q & A: Answers to the most common questions you have about the software, compiled over years of experience doing technical support for RTS-Advantage. Recoup the cost of the Books of Knowledge on the first support problem it solves!

* Tutorials: Entire courses that teach you step-by-step techniques for using some of the most powerful features of RTS-Advantage.

* Index: The entire Book of Knowledge set is indexed so that you can find answers on any subject in a jiffy. Each module has its own index, plus a comprehensive master index to the entire set.

* Hardware/Software Guide: Complete guide to getting the most out of RTS-Advantage on your equipment--complete coverage of operating system and network interface, printers and other hardware devices, working with third party software add-ons, and more.

* Online Access: Access the complete Book of Knowledge set from an icon on your Windows desktop. Answer questions at the tap of a mouse button. Use Adobe Acrobat (included) to perform keyword searches that go beyond any index!

The RTS-Advantage Books of Knowledge two volume set, including online version CD-ROM, is available from your dealer now. Place your order today!

Get your Book of Knowledge set before January 31, 2004 and you have the opportunity to win one of 21 prizes available in our $7,500 Book Of Knowledge Giveaway, including a grand prize worth almost $2,000!

Roundtable Software's suggested retail price for the two volume set with CD is $149.

New Pricing on Full Systems

As of today the suggested retail price for the full system of RTS-Advantage changes to $895 (Unix full pricing is unchanged). This is in accordance with the higher production costs associated with producing the Books of Knowledge included with the product.

W-2 and 1099-MISC Printing

The paper W-2 and 1099-MISC forms for this year are identical in formatting and content to last year's forms. Thus there will be no need for you to get patches for your software to utilize these forms this year.

Magnetic Media Reporting for Tax Year 2003

The 2003 edition of the Magnetic Media reporting utility will be available in a few weeks. You will need the updated version to generate electronic W-2 and 1099-MISC forms for tax year 2003.

Payroll Tax Tables for 2004

Many states are planning to change their withholding taxes next year. Watch the website for updated tax tables which will be made available for download sometime in December. Please note that updated tax table files are only compatible with RTS-Advantage version 3.3, not earlier versions.

Keyboard Lockups On Certain New Computers

We've had some dealers report that users with certain new computers get locked up when switching their DOS window to full screen. After some research we can now report that it appears to be a glitch in a particular new BIOS or motherboard on the market (sorry, we're not exactly sure which one). The fix seems somewhat odd but seems to work. If your computer is having the problem, do a file search for the WINIO.SYS file. When you find it, rename it to WINIO.BAK. When you reboot the computer the problem will have gone away.

WARNING: We are only passing on information regarding this problem. We do not know what other effects there might be to renaming the WINIO.SYS file. As best as we can determine, the WINIO.SYS file is used by certain Visual Basic programs. It is unclear to us whether the file is only necessary on the developer's machine or if it is also required on the user's machine. If you have programs that report an error like "WINIO.SYS" file missing, you may have to rename the file back.

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