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Roundtable Software Newsletter #75, December 2, 2013

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In this issue...

eFile Prep for 2013/14 Released -- Includes Federal/State Payroll Tax Tables and new Tax Return Worksheets

The new edition of RTS-Advantage eFile Prep supports the latest changes in paper form and eFile requirements for tax year 2013/14. This package is used to generate W-2s and 1099-MISCs. Please keep in mind that Version 4 programs that print W-2s and 1099-MISC form-fill are no longer updated, as eFile is now our solution for printing that information.

A new feature of the package is a program for printing Tax Return Worksheets. This new program is a replacement for Payroll program 25, Tax Returns, which will no longer be updated for tax rule changes. The new Tax Return Worksheets program handles everything that the Payroll program did, but adds the ability to set ranges for employees printed, and the FICA report includes AMT tax totals. See a screen shot of the new program here.

Federal and state payroll tax tables are now included with the eFile Prep module, no longer posted on the website for download. The following tables have so far been updated for 2014:

  • FICA (based on non-binding estimates)
  • FICA Additional Medicare
  • California
  • Idaho
  • Minnesota
  • New Mexico
  • Ohio

Please note that FWT will likely change, and other states are likely to announce changes to their rates for 2014, but have not yet published the specifications. When new tables become available, we will email updated tables to registered eFile Prep users. The new FICA AMT table takes into account that the previous version, while it worked well for regular salaied employees, was unable to calculate as required by the government for employees whose pay fluctuates from pay period to pay period. When you install the new FICA AMT table, be sure to also install RTS-Advantage Version 4 patch 42, which is required in order to work properly with the table.

The suggested retail price of eFile Prep 2013/14 is $695. Registered users of eFile 2012/13 may update to the 2013/14 edition for just $249.

Point of Sale Invoicing version 5.05 Released

This version of Point of Sale Invoicing is released to correct these problems:

    * The Add Customer feature of Invoicing allowed the same customer number to be added multiple times when not using the auto-increment option. Now if the same customer number is chosen to be added by two clerks, the program will automatically increment one of the two customer numbers to the next available in sequence.

    * In the Receipt and Deposit options of Invoicing, if an X-Charge payment was declined there was no way to then void the transaction.

    * When first entering the Invoicing program, if the first thing a clerk does is take an invoice off of hold, the Overpayment to Account selection for the transaction is not properly set -- it was always greyed out/unavailable.

    * Invoicing program allowed layway transactions to be completed with a positive balance unpaid even despite Customer Status set ot a value disallowing that.

    * The Last Price Paid, when invoked, was used to set the default price on the item being sold whether you said to use it or not.

    * Wrong error message was displayed when clerks tried to use a disallowed payment type.

New versions:

PI04/Invoicing - 5.05

PI10/End of Day Update - 5.04

The updated version can be downloaded on the website or you can order an updated CD from your dealer.

RTS-Advantage 4.0 Patch 42 Released

Payroll upgrades:

* Deductions now have new Federal Reference Number options for FICA Hospitalization, FICA Social Security and FICA Additional Medicare Tax. Your existing FICA deductions should be updated to reference the new Federal Reference Numbers.

* Payroll program 6 (Employee Master) now allows four settings for marital status: Single, Married, Head of Household, and Married Filing Separately. The new options allow for proper calculation of FICA AMT owed by the employer on federal tax returns.

* Payroll program 15 (Calculate Taxes/Deductions) now has special code for calculating FICA AMT deductions. The previous implementation of AMT deduction calculation was fine for employees who receive consistent salary each pay period, but did not address those whose pay fluctuates throughtout the year, or leave the company mid-year. In order to calculate correctly for such employees, AMT calculations are no longer annualized, but are based on the employee's accumulated pay thus far in the year.

Please note that these changes to Payroll for FICA AMT calculation and reporting require not only this patch, but also the latest Payroll tax tables for 2014, which are included with the eFile Prep 2013/14 package.

* New error messages and program info added for Windows product.

New versions:

PR03: 4.01
PR15: 4.06
PR16: 4.02
PR25: 4.09

PR26: 4.09


AA Demo Data files with updated Help Articles

System Manager version 5.12 Released

System Manager 5.12 is released primarily so that new and updated help articles for eFile Prep 2013/14 can be distributed. In addition, the release has one update:

* tab order in lookup windows has been changed


You can download the new version from here.

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