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Roundtable Software Newsletter #69, December 28, 2010

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2011 Payroll Tax Tables Released

With a new year comes new tax tables, the government's way of wishing you all the best. As usual, many authorities have waited until the last minute to announce their new schemes (better to slip them past you unexamined). Undoubtedly a few states will not release their updates until January, so if you hear of a late entry please let us know since we have already completed our annual survey.

New and revised tax tables are available on the website for the following:

FICA Social Security -- this has now been split into two tables, one for employees and one for employers. Be sure when you install the new tables to get both of them, and change your deduction type(s) for FICA SS in Payroll program 3 to reference the appropriate separate table numbers for employee and employer.
Federal Withholding (FWT)

Arizona -- added new 0.8% option table
Michigan -- separate tables for January-September and October-December of 2011. Withholding formula will change in October.
New Mexico
New York -- only New York City tables changed
North Dakota
Oregon -- now requires separate tables for three tiers of income; 0-$50k, $50-145k and over $145k. Be sure to reassign tables for deduction types as necessary.
Rhode Island
West Virginia -- formula remains the same, but we improved the accuracy of the tables.

Click here to go to the tax table download page.

To review how to install new tax tables, click here.


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