e-Newsletter, January 3, 2005

Roundtable Software E-Mail Newsletter Issue #27, January 3, 2005

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Additional Tax Table Changes
We got late notification that the state withholding taxes for Massachusetts, Missouri, New Mexico and Rhode Island are changing for 2005. New tax tables are included as part of patch 10 (click here to download). Sorry for the late notice, but we can't update them until they let us know they're changing.

Patch 10

Patch 10 for RTS-Advantage version 4 is now available on our website (click here to download). This patch addresses several issues:

  • In Report Generator when printing a format that includes a list detail section and an associated footer section, under some circumstances the printed report could add a blank page at the end of the print job. Also, footer sections that are set up to print at the bottom of the page were not doing so, instead they printed immediately after the last list detail.

  • If you use Order Entry, Inventory allocations and explosion relationships, it is possible given a very specific sequence of events for a parent item to be deleted from Inventory. To have this problem occur, an explosion item is added to an order, then Order Entry program 5 is run to create its detailed allocations on its child items. Then the parent item is deleted from the order and Order Entry program 5 is re-run to remove the allocations. In such a scenario it was possible for the parent item in Inventory to be replaced by a copy of one of the child items. If you have encountered this error you will need to delete the duplicate child item and recreate the parent, its explosion setup and any other data on the parent, which will have been lost.

  • In System Administrator program 17, Premier Conversion, the conversion did not properly address a few of the new fields in version 4, resulting in a few minor omissions in the converted data files.

Why Did I Lose Functionality After Loading Version 4?

When you upgraded to RTS-Advantage version 4, did you lose some functionality? Maybe your printers no longer behave the same, or you have a different terminal number, or you've had problems accessing your data? Problems of this type can be caused by the fact that you are now using Launchpad or a new shortcut on your desktop to access RTS-Advantage. Your old shortcut may have been set up to execute a batch file before entering the software. This batch file may have set certain environment variables, set printer definitions, or any number of other housekeeping items important to your successful use of the RTS-Advantage software. The new shortcut installed with RTS-Advantage version 4 does not know to run the batch file for you, and so you seem to lose some functionality.

If you are accessing RTS-Advantage through a new shortcut, the solution is as simple as setting the new shortcut to use your old batch file. Just right-click on the shortcut, choose Properties from the menu and change the Target or Command Line to execute the old batch file. This should take care of the problem.

If you use the Launchpad application to access RTS-Advantage you cannot have it execute a batch file as part of its operation. However, getting around this limitation is simple--just add the functionality from your old batch file to the AUTOEXEC.BAT or AUTOEXEC.NT file that is executed each time you boot your system. This will make your settings automatic in every Command Prompt window you open, including those opened by the Launchpad application.

If you are not comfortable dealing with batch files, shortcut properties, and such as discussed above, don't try to do these tasks yourself--ask your dealer or your in-house computer people to assist you.

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