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Roundtable Software Newsletter #53, December 31, 2007

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In this issue...

2007/08 Federal & State eFile Prep Now Available

The new edition of eFile Prep is now available. This version is required to make proper 2007 W-2 and 1099-MISC filings and for 2008 quarterly filings. The federal government has made a number of changes to the data file formats for both W-2s and 1099s so if you use an old version your submission will be rejected.

In addition to required changes, we have also added support for reporting Health Savings Plan information for Payroll employees.

eFile Prep has a suggested retail price of $695, with a $100 discount for anyone who bought and registered last year's eFile Prep.

Windows System Manager Now Available

The base program for our Windows product, which we are dubbing System Manager, is now available as a free download from our website. When changes and enhancements are made we will notify you in our email newsletters and you can download new versions.

Until now System Manager has been included as part of each Windows module installation CD, but as we learn more about the obscure and confusing rules Windows places on well-behaved application installations we think it will be easier for everyone if we distribute it as a separate module (a free one) included with every Windows module purchase.

Even if you don't have any Windows products yet you are welcome to download the System Manager. It has many utilities that apply to the DOS version, including Windows versions of many System Administrator programs. You can also use System Manager to access your DOS programs--in the latest version if you click on a program that you don't have in a Windows version it will open a DOS window and take you directly to that program.

We especially encourage all Windows program users to download and install the latest version of both System Manager and the module(s) they use. Click here to download these files.

Many new options have been added lately and there have been a number of bug fixes as well. The current version of System Manager is required if you download other Windows module patches.

Patch Available for Windows Bank Reconciliation

Patch #1 for the Bank Reconciliation for Windows module is now available!

This patch will only work with version 5.1 of Bank Reconciliation, NOT version 5.0. If you have a registered copy of version 5.0 please request a free upgrade CD through your dealer.

To determine whether your Bank Reconciliation module can be patched or requires an upgrade CD, check any of the Bank Reconciliation dialog boxes. In the title bar the version will be 5.00, which needs an upgrade CD, or 5.01, which can be patched from our website.

When downloading the patch for Bank Reconciliation it will also be necessary for you to download and install the current version of the System Manager from the same page.

The new version of Bank Reconciliation has the following changes:

  • Many new print destination options
  • Bar code printing capability
  • The Reconciliation report was not correctly determining the last GL period if General Ledger was turned on in System Defaults but you did not ask for General Ledger detail on the report.
  • Fixed rolling problems with the Bank Master lookup.
  • The Gather function would re-gather AP checks if the transaction description on the original gathered version was changed.
  • Various low-level bug fixes and improvements.

Patch Available for Web Commerce Module

Patch #1 for the Web Commerce module is now available!

When downloading the patch for Web Commerce it will also be necessary for you to download and install the current version of the System Manager from the same page.

The new version of Web Commerce has the following changes:

  • Added text to the Price Category prompt in Item Export Setup to warn PDG Commerce users to select "No Export" -- export files will not be correctly handled by PDG otherwise.
  • Added a warning in Order Import Setup not to add ship-tos to AR if a miscellaneous customer is to receive all orders (Ship-To Master will fill up way too quickly for this to be a useful setup).
  • In Order Import in some circumstances the program would have trouble correctly testing for room in the AR Ship-To Master. It is still theoretically possible to run out of room in the AR Ship-Tos for a particular customer but now much less likely.
  • In Order Import a necessary flag was not being set on orders if OE payments are set to update to AR immediately.
  • Added security to all WC programs.
  • Various low-level bug fixes and improvements.

Incorrect General Ledger W2 Format

We made a mistake with the W-2 formatting changes in General Ledger and moved a field to the wrong place. We apologize for the error, but this gives us an opportunity to find out if anyone actually uses this feature in General Ledger. To get a corrected PL file please send an email to judy@rtsco.com and we will email the corrected file to you. If you have a moment, we'd also like to know why you print W-2s from General Ledger rather than from the Payroll module. We're just curious, folks!

Nasty Windows Bug

One of our national dealers, Excelsior Computers, reports a rare but nasty bug in Windows 2000 and up. It seems that when some programs get installed they can tromp on the registry in a way that stops all DOS programs from running.

If you ever encounter a situation where trying to run RTS-Advantage you receive a Windows message such as this:

A Virtual Device Driver failed DLL initialization.


Virtual Device Driver format in the Registry is Invalid

You are the lucky winner of a trashed registry. For instructions on fixing the problem see the Microsoft support page:

http://support.microsoft.com/kb/314452 for Windows XP (and Vista?)
http://support.microsoft.com/kb/254914 for Windows 2000

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