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Roundtable Software Newsletter #73, December 18, 2012

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In this issue...

eFile Prep for 2012/13 Released -- Now Includes Federal/State Payroll Tax Tables

The new edition of RTS-Advantage eFile supports the latest changes in paper form and eFile requirements for tax year 2012/13. This package is used to generate W-2s and 1099-MISCs. Please keep in mind that Version 4 programs that print W-2s and 1099-MISC form-fill are no longer updated, as eFile is now our solution for printing that information.

Federal and state payroll tax tables are now included with the eFile Prep module, no longer posted on the website for download. The following tables have been updated for 2013:

  • FICA
  • FUTA
  • Additional Medicare (new)
  • California
  • Illinois
  • Iowa
  • Kansas
  • Kentucky
  • Maine
  • Maryland
  • Michigan
  • Minnesota
  • Missouri
  • Nebraska
  • New York
  • North Dakota
  • Puerto Rico

Please not that several other states may change their rates for 2013, but have not yet published the specifications. Also, FWT tables have not yet been published as Congress and the President have not yet come to any decisions on the 'fiscal cliff'. When new tables become available we will email updated tables to registered eFile Prep users. Also please note that Connecticut tables have not been updated but are available on request.

The suggested retail price of eFile Prep 2012/13 is $695. Registered users of eFile 2011/12 may update to the 2012/13 edition for just $249.

System Manager Version 5.11 Now Available

This version of System Manager is released primarily because of updated help files for Point of Sale Invoicing and eFile Prep, but also includes these enhancements:

* If a BMP file that is to print in a report is not found in the AUSER folder, print programs will now also search for it in the PICPATH folder (Picture Folder set in Edit ... Environment). PICPATH is an environment variable that was previously used only to locate Inventory item images. The advantage of putting report images in PICPATH is that it allows users to keep large bitmap files on their local hard drive rather than in the AUSER folder on the server. PICPATH may be set to a local directory if you wish, which will alleviate unnecessary network traffic.

* When printing to file, an appropriate default filename will now be provided based on the type of report being printed, and the Save As dialog will default to placing the file in the AUSER directory (used to be APROGS).

* Lookups could not handle displaying fields where the source field length was greater than 35 characters (even if the field was shortened for purposes of the lookup).

* Could not save DataExportFolder environment variable in Edit ... Environment if version 4's Launchpad Windows registry entry didn't exist.

* When choosing to print a report directly to a printer port, the dropdown menu of ports would only list a maximum of ten ports. Now there is no limit to the number listed.

WinAdv: 5.11


The updated version can be downloaded on the website or you can order an updated CD from your dealer.

Point of Sale Invoicing Version 5.03 Released

Many new features as well as some error fixes:

* you can now view the last price paid by a customer for an item by clicking on a new button on the Invoicing Items screen. The button is at the far right; the icon is a dollar sign. When pressed, the program will check Accounts Receivable Sales History for the most recent sale of the current item to the customer. A dialog box will display with the price, quantity sold, cost (if the clerk is allowed to view costs) and date of sale. The user may then choose to set the price for the item on this transaction to the same amount. Access to the Last Price Paid feature can be controlled through the Clerk Master.

* once a layaway is converted to an invoice, the module will print that transaction with the AR invoice report format, not the layaway format.

* for an Inventory item or preset which has a price of 0 (which presumably means it is a special order or non-stocking item), when sold through PI the list price of the item will be set to the user-entered selling price. This keeps the price sold from being considered a negative discount, and instead treats the item sale as an undiscounted sale.

* a new field has been added to the Totals tab screen of the Invoicing program; Profit Percent. This figure indicates the overall profitability of the transaction. This percentage is determined based on Inventory current costs and preset unit costs versus the amount of the sale, not including tax, freight, and early payment discounts. This figure can be hidden by a setting in the Clerk Master. The percentage can be set to Mark-Up or Gross Profit Percent in System Defaults.

* In PI System Defaults you can now set how the Sales History tab of Customer Expert behaves. When activated from the Items screen of Invoicing, you can select whether the Sales History is shown for all items (as it does now), or just sales of the current item being sold, or onlt a single screen's worth of the most recent sales of the item being sold. The primary purpose of these options, in addition to allowing you to see only the information that actually interests you, is that it can take a long while for the system to populate the Sales History tab of Customer Expert if you have thousands of sales to the customer.

* when processing multiple layways in a row, the program was not resetting the checkbox "Change Layaway To Invoice" between transactions.

* the Batch Reprint Invoices program was unable to print invoices from the 'current' file -- only archived invoices printed

* Penny differences could crop up when accepting tenders in foreign currencies. Although this can be an inevitable consequence of differing currencies, when the customer tenders the full amount of the invoice (in the secondary currency), the program will ignore the calculated exchange rate if a penny difference is left, which may incorrectly indicate that the customer is due a tiny amount of change, or owe a tiny amount.

* Detail Summary printed line item messages improperly.

* "Also Email" checkbox did not clear between transactions in Invoicing.

* If a customer's status is 2 (company checks accepted), will now allow all payment types, not just checks.

* Bogus "Data Number Not Found" errors when printing archived invoices were corrected.

* Picking tickets would not print if a direct printer was chosen in System Defaults for that report type.

* Incorrect deciumal settings were used when converting prices for Inventory items with selling conversion codes.

* In Customer Expert, when displaying sales history for a particular item (as can happen on the Items tab screen of Invoicing), automatically scroll to the most recent sale of the item, not the oldest.

* Detail Summary would not print void transactions unless you also chose to print hold transactions.

* If a layaway was set to be converted to an invoice, but then was put on hold rather than being printed, the transaction went into an invalid status, somewhere between a layaway and an invoice.

* When selling a quantity greater than one of an item with a core, the core's automatically calculated extended price was incorrect.

New versions:

ADPI00FR.DAT - 5.04

ADPI00PL.DAT - 5.03

PI02/Clerk Master - 5.02

PI04/Invoicing - 5.04

PI08/Detail Summary - 5.02

PI10/End Of Day Update - 5.03

PI13/Reprint Transactions - 5.03

PI16/Archive Reprint Transactions - 5.03

PI17/Archive Detail Summary - 5.02

PI20/Batch Reprint - 5.01

PI50/System Defaults - 5.02

AR40/Customer Expert - 5.02

The patch can be downloaded on the website or you can order an updated CD from your dealer.

Inventory Version 5.06 Released

* In Item Expert, the Sales History tab sorted sale dates based on text, not date, ordering.

* In Month-End Close, if using the Quantity History feature and an item is found that doesn't have a valid Quantity History record, initialize and setup the record.

New versions:

IN40/Inventory Expert - 5.03

IN52/Month End Close - 5.02

The patch can be downloaded on the website or you can order an updated CD from your dealer.

Holiday Schedule

Roundtable Software will be closed from December 21 to December 26, reopening December 27.

Payroll Tax Tables

2013 Payroll tax tables for federal and state taxes are included with the eFile Prep package.

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