e-Newsletter, November 16, 2004

Roundtable Software E-Mail Newsletter Issue #24, November 16, 2004

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Patches Available For Add-On Programs

If you use any of these RTS-Advantage add-on programs:

AR Archiver
Point of Sale Remote
Inventory Expert

patches are now available to make them compatible with the new RTS-Advantage Accounting System version 4. Click here to download the patch file(s) you need. These patches are installed with the DeltaDOS utility which can be downloaded from our site and is also included in the RTSUtils directory of the version 4 CD. See instructions for installing DeltaDOS patches on the website.

If you access these add-on programs in RTS-Advantage by chaining to them in the software, once you have updated the program with the DeltaDOS patch you will have to complete one additional step. In the RTS-Advantage PROGS directory copy the executable file:

POS-Remote - PS10.EXE
Inventory Expert - EXPERT.EXE

to the module executable file name in this form:


where “mm” is the module code (like AR for Accounts Receivable, FA for Fixed Assets, etc.)

For instance, if you access AR Archiver by chaining to the Bank Reconciliation module, the command would be:


This extra step will make the updated version of the program available when you chain to it within RTS-Advantage.

Invalid Login or Password Error When Using Launchpad

We’ve had several calls expressing confusion over how to log in to version 4. If you are logging in through Launchpad, enter your login name, then press TAB then enter your password and press TAB to get to the Login button. Because Launchpad is a Windows application you TAB to leave a field rather than press ENTER. If you are logging into RTS-Advantage directly, you press the ENTER key after typing your login and password because that’s still a DOS-based application. This applies both to the demo and live versions of the product.

When logging in through Launchpad, if you press ENTER after typing in your login name you will receive an error “Invalid Login Name or Password”. Use TAB instead and you will not get this error.

Windows Printing Utility: Neat Feature!

The Windows Printing Utility is such a great new feature! Not only does it alleviate the bother of trying to connect to printers, but now you can take advantage of all the neat features of your printer, such as duplexing and multiple copies (if supported by your printer) when printing from RTS-Advantage through the Windows Printing Utility. To do this, install another copy of the printer through the Windows Control Panel assigning it a different name. Then change the settings for the new copy of the printer to be whatever you want: multiple copies, duplexing, etc. For example, you might have ‘HP Laser’ that has the standard default settings and also have ‘HP 2 Copies’, which you have set up to always print 2 copies of whatever print job is sent to that printer. When you want to have 2 copies printed, select “HP 2 Copies” from the list of Windows Printers in RTS-Advantage.

Problems When Adding Customers/Items On-The-Fly

Items and customers can be added on-the-fly from anywhere in RTS-Advantage by pressing Ctrl-T (for Items) or Ctrl-U (for Customers). If you have tried using the Ctrl-T or Ctrl-U options and found that the default settings supplied by us could be improved (or worse, are incompatible with your settings) you need to go through the following procedure to customize these windows to your particular way of doing business. For instance, if you cannot get through all the fields but instead keep getting an error message, go through this procedure and set the defaults to take care of the problem.

The Ctrl-T and Ctrl-U options use RapidEntry settings to assign default values to certain fields and jump past fields that are unnecessary in your business. To customize these RapidEntry settings for your business, from anywhere in the software press the F4 key to open the User Services window. Then select the File Utilities option. Under that menu you’ll see both Add Customers and Add Items. Select the one that you want to customize and then choose the Setup RapidEntry option. This will open the on-the-fly add window in setup mode. Read the instructions shown there to customize the defaults and settings for the fields. When you next use the Ctrl-T and Ctrl-U options your own settings and defaults will be used.

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