e-Newsletter, March 5, 2005

Roundtable Software E-Mail Newsletter Issue #31, March 5, 2005

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In this issue...

Patch 16: Credit Card Fix & Unix Compatibility
Patch 16 addresses the following:
  • The credit card system would not accept expiration dates in the year 2010. This affects Accounts Receivable program 18, Point of Sale program 4, Order Entry program, Billing program 4 and Quick Sale program 14. The new version of the credit card interface is 4.04.

  • In Quick Sale program 14 if you tabbed back to the previous line item which had an assigned line discount percentage, and then changed the line to sell a different item, the discount would remain on the new item. This problem only occurred if the cashier was set to not stop at the Line Discount prompt. The new version of Quick Sale program 14 is 4.01. Note that in order to stop the above problem, the program will now always remove the discount if you TAB back as far as the previous item number prompt. You will need to re-enter the discount in such cases.

  • Additional version changes related to changes made for Unix compatibility, should be no change to DOS functionality; Point of Sale program 4 updated to 4.02, Point of Sale program 5 updated to 4.03, Point of Sale program 13 updated to 4.02 and Report Generator program 3 updated to 4.03.

Click Here To Download This Patch

Patch for the Launchpad Application
We have received several reports from the field of users experiencing a problem with Launchpad where the program starts off-screen; in other words, the program starts but you can only tell that it has because it shows up on the Windows taskbar. The application window itself seems to be invisible.

Unfortunately we have not been able to duplicate this problem in-house, so we have been unable to troubleshoot it. We believe it is probably related to some other application running on the affected systems that is interfering with Launchpad’s operation. In any case, we have created a new version of the Launchpad with a workaround that will check to see whether it is going to start in a location off of the physical screen, and to override that directive so that it displays centered on the screen. Click here to download this patch.

This patch need only be downloaded by those who are experiencing the problem.

New Tax Tables for Iowa

If you do payroll for Iowa you should download the latest version of the payroll tax files from our website, then use Payroll program 58 to update your Iowa Withholding tax tables. The new tables are to go into effect April 1. Note that this is included in Patch 11 which only contains the tax tables.

"Lost" Functionality In Order Entry Program 6?
We have received several inquiries about Order Entry program 6 regarding the fact that you can no longer use the semicolon to jump between the secondary key fields in Order mode. This functionality was removed because it is no longer necessary. Simply press F6 at the Order Number field, then TAB to the key field that you wish to lookup.

You should keep this in mind throughout your use of the software. No longer is it necessary to semicolon around the screen to get to the lookup you want - they are all available from the main lookup on the primary key field.

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