e-Newsletter, September 29, 2009

Roundtable Software Newsletter #60, September 29, 2009

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In this issue...

Windows Inventory 5.02 Released

A new version of the Windows Inventory module is available for download; the changes made are:

  • IN03 (Warehouse Master, 5.01): Could not properly deal with a large file of warehouses (over 32,767 records).
  • IN29 (Below Minimum, 5.01): Program could not access more than one report format.
  • IN89 (Unit Conversion Report, 5.01): Program could not access more than one report format.

Click here to download the current patch for the Windows Inventory module.

Web Commerce 5.05 Released

The Web Commerce patch released last week had an internal problem that kept program 5, Item Export, from running properly. The error has been fixed and a new patch is now available; click below to download the latest Web Commerce patch.

Click here to download the patch to bring your Web Commerce software current.

Windows 7 Compatibility

One of our dealers was in the beta program for Windows 7 and reports that the new version of the OS (32-bit version) appears to work fine with the RTS-Advantage software. The dealer also reports that the Windows Vista 64-bit version, which has known problems running any command-line based program, can be made compatible with RTS-Advantage with the addition of an add-on application called DOSBox. DOSBox is available at http://www.dosbox.com/

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