e-Newsletter, February 1, 2005

Roundtable Software E-Mail Newsletter Issue #29, February 1, 2005

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New Feature Added: Default Secondary Salesperson On Customer Master
Here's a happy change of pace: our latest patch contains a new feature--one that we'd intended to be part of version 4.0 until we ran short on time.

You've already seen how you can specify two salespeople on your orders and Billing invoices in version 4, but with patch 14 we have added the second salesperson as a default in the AR Customer Master as well, so two salespeople can automatically be credited on Billing and Order Entry transactions.

In addition to this new feature, patch 14 also contains a fix for Order Entry program 1, which had a problem with the rolling functionality on the item detail screen. If the first line or lines that would appear on a given page were comment lines, the display would skip past them until it found item details.

Patch 14 comes with a lot of revised files, which have to be distributed to the various different RTS-Advantage directories by the user. Be sure to follow the installation instructions carefully.

RTS-Advantage Version 4 for Unix

We wish to apologize for this release taking so long. We originally expected to be able to release it in December, and here it as the end of January already. We assure you that it isn't a case of us dragging our feet, it's just that there is so very much testing necessary to ensure that the Unix product is up to snuff. We are confident that we will be releasing the Unix version by the end of February.

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