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Patches For Roundtable Software Advantage Version 4
Patches are downloadable files that you can use to update your original installation of Roundtable Software Advantage Accounting System. Patches may contain new features or fixes for specific problems. All currently available patches for version 4.0 are detailed below. To determine whether you already have a particular patch, go
to the program cited on the patch listing and press the F1 key twice. This will display a window listing two versions: the program version
and the root version. All versions listed below refer to the program version, unless otherwise noted. See How To Check The Version Of A Roundtable Software Advantage Accounting System Program for assistance in this.

1. Check Versions To Determine If You Need A Patch

2. Download The Patches You Need

3. Install The Patch With The DeltaDOS Utility

If your version is greater than or the same as the patch version then you don't need the patch. If your version is lower than the patch version then you should download and install the patch. For example, if you have version 4.00 and the patch discussion below says that the current version is 4.01 you would need that patch.

Patch files are installed on your system using the DeltaDOS utility which can be downloaded (click the link below) or retrieved from the RTSUtils directory of your version 4 CD.

Instructions For Using DeltaDOS ...................Download the DeltaDOS Program

Once you have determined which patch you need, click on the file listed in the FILE TO DOWNLOAD column. This patch file has been compressed with the PKZip utility. After downloading, you must decompress it before using the DeltaDOS program to install the patch. Newer systems will often decompress files automatically as they are downloaded. If you have problems getting these files decompressed, please contact your dealer for assistance.

Be certain to install these patches in order or else they may not successfully load!
NOTE: The DeltaDOS program is included on your Roundtable Software Advantage Accounting System CD
in the RTSUtils directory.



Click on a patch number at the left to access a page from which you can download all the components of and read about the changes incorporated in that patch.

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