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Roundtable Software Newsletter #43, November 6, 2006

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In this issue...

Patch 27 Released
Click Here To Download This Patch
Be sure to review the instructions for loading this patch; it involves more that just the program files being updated!
  • The Inventory Explosion report (program 87) has been reformatted to be easier to read, and additional fields have been added:

    Item Location
    Product Category
    Movement Code
    Minimum Quantity
    Quantity Allocated

    Because the report has been substantially redesigned, we recommend that if you have a company print layout file that you copy a clean format for this program from the 00 company, rather than using the existing report.

  • In preparation for the upcoming release of our Web Store Interface package, many new fields have been added to Inventory, including a new page of information in the Item Master, new Reference types, and new fields in the Product Category Master. All this new data has been added specifically for the web store, and adds no additional functionality to the rest of RTS-Advantage.

  • Order Entry and Billing now have a new field called Additional Tax that allows manually calculated taxes to be entered on orders/invoices. This new feature was added for use by the Web Store Interface, but can also be used to take into account calculation differences when transferring manually written invoices into the system. The Additional Tax field also allows for a Tax Code to be entered, and this tax area in Accounts Receivable will be credited when the invoice is updated.

    Important: When the tax code entered for the additional tax does not otherwise appear on the invoice, the tax amount will be updated to A/R with a sales amount corresponding to the total taxable basis for the order/invoice. We caution users that improper use of this feature (such as entering an Additional Tax amount on an invoice that does not have any taxable items) could leave their A/R Tax Master with understated Sales figures.

    When the additional tax code is already present on the order/invoice, the taxable basis will be properly updated to Accounts Receivable by Billing program 8.

  • Order Entry now has a System Defaults option that allows you to choose whether Additional Freight and Additional Tax amounts should be transferred only once to Billing for an order, or added to every invoice created from an order. There is also a new prompt on the Totals screen of Prepare Orders that indicates whether the amounts have been transferred. If set to Yes, this prompt can be changed to No in order to transfer new amounts on the next invoice created.

  • Report Generator decimal fields will now automatically take into account the decimal settings that you can customize in most modules. Since this was a change to the way formats are created, the change will only work for new formats created after the patch is installed.

  • The Payroll SUI/SDI Report in program 25, Tax Returns, was reducing employer wages by the 401k amounts on all employees, not just those with wages in the state being reported on.

  • Import Data would not allow an imported field length greater than 30, and some fields are now longer than that, so this limit was removed.

  • Point of Sale program 4 was double updating costs to Inventory's Month-to-Date and Year-to-Date totals if Inventory was based on LIFO or FIFO costing (average costing was working properly).

  • Some users reported occasional error messages referring to locked or unavailable files when printing using the Windows printer interface. We have had little success duplicating this problem in-house, but a change has been made that seemed to alleviate the problem at a test site. We are releasing this change just for the key modules where most printing is done. If our fix seems to work for other users, we will make the change available in other modules in a subsequent patch release.

Click Here to check versions for this patch.
Click here to download this patch and be sure to read the instructions on how to load this patch.

Tax Year 2006 Magnetic Media Release Scheduled
The 2006 MMRS release, which has been renamed eFile Prep to go along with the federal government's current nomenclature, will be in December.

The release will be as a Windows version only, no DOS or Unix version will be available.

Bank Reconciliation Windows Beta Version Released
Our new Windows-based Bank Reconciliation module is now available for beta testing. All dealers and users are invited and encouraged to participate. Click Here to register as a beta tester.

The new Windows-based Bank Reconciliation module is not just a 'Window-ized' version of the DOS product. We've added a bunch of great new features and conveniences that will make this necessary but somewhat tedious business function a real pleasure to handle.

Click Here to see a multimedia preview of the Bank Reconciliation module.

Order Your Tax Forms Early!
Our forms partner, Forms R Us, is ready to process your orders for 2006 tax forms. Form more details, visit their site and click on the Tax Forms link along the left edge or call them at: 866-816-3676

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