e-Newsletter, June 8, 2005

Roundtable Software Newsletter #34, June 8, 2005

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Patch 19: Available Hours on Payroll Checks

Patch 19 addresses a problem in the way available sick, vacation and other hours were printed on checks when your Payroll uses minute rather than decimal accuracy.

If you prefer not to download patches, you can also order update CDs from your dealer.

Click Here To Download This Patch

Free Training Video for RTS-Advantage Version 4
Roundtable Software has produced the first in a proposed series of instructional videos. This first video, which is available as a free online download, is a discussion of the new custom lookup capabilities available in RTS-Advantage version 4. The video walks you through the new feature and shows you how to customize lookups for your particular needs. The video is about 12 minutes long, and the download size is 22.5 Mb.

The download includes its own movie viewer so all you need to do is download this file to your local system and extract it into the file LookUps.exe.

After extracting this file you can then run the video by clicking on the LookUps.exe file in Windows Explorer or using the Windows Start...Run... command. As the video runs you have controls for Play/Pause, Stop, Forward and Back and Beginning and End. You can also adjust the volume with the Speaker icon in the upper right corner.

Click Here To Download The Video

Q&A: Is there an easy way to know what section to edit in Screen Builder?
Q: I like to customize program screens with Screen Builder, but it is such a pain to find the data fields that I want to move when some of these programs have hundreds of sections. Is there any shortcut?

A: Yes! If you want to work with a data entry field just go to that field in the program you wish to customize. Then press the F1 key twice. Among all the other information on that screen, you'll see a line that starts "Field (Sect/DV/Num)". The first number after that is the section in which this field will be found in Screen Builder. In version 4 we made this information even more helpful by adding to the listing related sections. You'll see after the first part of the line something like "(W=15/I=16)" - this indicates that when you are at this field an information window will pop up and it can be found in section 15 (W=15). The "I=16" refers to a non-window information section that is displayed when you are at this prompt.

Q&A: What is the meaning of the "Affect AP" flag on the PO Audit?
Q: When I print my Purchase Orders audit trail report, it shows a field called "Affect AP" and for all my receipts it almost always is set to No. I know my stuff is getting to AP, though, so what's the deal? Does this flag even work?

A: Being a right-hander, I'd call the "Affect AP" flag a definite case of left-handed logic. What is meant by that flag is whether or not a given posting needs to affect Accounts Payable. In other words, if it is set to No, then either the posting does not need to affect AP in the first place, or has already affected AP. If it shows up as Yes, that indicates that the posting does need to affect AP and has not as yet done so. Clear as mud, I know, but it has been this way for so long if we changed it all those folks who are used to it by now would be confused. If it helps, you might try changing the field on your report to "AP Affected?".

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