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Roundtable Software Newsletter #55, May 22, 2008

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In this issue...

Inventory for Windows Released
Roundtable Software is proud to announce the newest addition to our suite of Windows-native RTS-Advantage modules. The new Inventory module, which is completely compatible and works with your existing version 4.0 software and data, adds a wealth of exciting new features to our already industry-leading Inventory system.

Your employees will love the convenience and familiarity of a standard Windows interface, and you'll love all the new high-end features that have been added.

Literally hundreds of new features have been added but here's a few highlights:

  • Inventory Expert: Access all your inventory information from one convenient window; keep this invaluable reference handy as you're processing sales, writing POs, costing jobs and doing research. Totally customizable and secure, configure the information that should and shouldn't be available by login. The DOS version of Inventory Expert was a $395 add-on, and it comes free with the new package.

  • Bar Codes: Every label and report produced by Inventory, even those you've already customized, can print bar codes added based on any data field of the report. Handles all the most popular 1-D symbologies and you have complete control over sizing, positioning and other attributes of the barcodes on your labels and reports. Third-party bar code printing programs can cost thousands!

  • Images and External Files: You can associate a unique picture or other external file with every item in your inventory. Pictures are displayed in the Item Master and Inventory Expert, and you can associate other files, too, like documents, spreadsheets, blueprints, PDFs, any of which are automatically launched using the appropriate application on your computer. Imagine, for instance, being able to call up the spec sheet or instruction manual for any item on the fly right from your accounting software - what a boon to customer service!

  • Laser/Inkjet Label Printing: The Windows version of Inventory comes with over 70 new sheet label formats that print the most popular Avery compatible label sizes. Have an oddball custom sheet label? No problem -- you can easily define the setup of your own laser labels.

  • Charts and Graphs: An incredibly powerful suite of management tools that can reveal hidden trends at a glance. Don't spend hours poring over long reports trying to decipher the state of your business! Highly customizable graphs allow you to track and analyze sales, receipts, productions, costs, profit, turnover, location management and more. Produces beautiful color 2-D and
    3-D line graphs, bar graphs, pie charts and more.

These new features alone should convince you that the new Inventory module is a powerhouse, but there's so much more. Yet, perhaps most amazing of all, there's no learning curve when you step up to the Windows version of Inventory. You'll find that all the familiar programs are still there, just beefed up where needed and so much more convenient with all the pluses of the Windows interface. Just install the your new Windows Inventory module and get back to business!

Keep in mind, too, that since the Windows Inventory module is 100% compatible with your existing version 4 software you can continue to use the DOS inventory module as you explore and learn the Windows version -- they can be used interchangeably and at the same time. There's no need to say goodbye to any of the features you are used to in the DOS version until you are good and ready!

Click here to explore the new Inventory module and when you're ready to give it a test drive click here to download the free trial version.

Introductory Pricing for Windows Inventory
The list price of the new Inventory module is $695, and a terrific bargain. But we're so excited about this module we want to make this a real no-brainer. So we're offering an introductory price of just $495, a huge $200 discount, when you purchase by July 11 2008. And we'll include the latest version of System Manager, the latest patch CD for version 4, and trial versions of Bank Reconciliation for Windows and Web Commerce for Windows free with your purchase.

And for those few stragglers out there who are still on older versions of the RTS-Advantage software we urge you to contact your dealer right away. For a limited time, we have authorized them to offer a once in a lifetime package deal when you purchase RTS-Advantage Version 4 and the new Inventory module together. Contact your dealer for details and pricing. Don't get left behind!

Patch 35 Released

Patch 35 is now available with the following changes:

Main Menu: The latest patch number installed now displays at the top of the main menu.

System Administrator Program 9, Relink Files: The program was doing an unnecessary sort on file 6 of Inventory -- it wasn't hurting anything, just a slight time-waster.

System Administrator Program 11, Modify Reports: Was not saving edited Page Width settings on laser label formats for Windows.

System Administrator Program 11, Modify Reports: When using the Specify option on certain decimal numbers the display would get trashed.

Accounts Payable Program 5, Post Invoices: Would consolidate invoices with matching info but opposite signs. Created odd looking transactions in certain cases, so it will no longer consolidate these.

Payroll Program 15, Calculate Taxes/Deductions: When an employee with a direct deposit account elected to stop the direct deposit, the Calculate program was in some cases not properly recognizing that the direct deposit was no longer active, resulting in overstated amounts on the check. NOTE: This only happend under very specific conditions and only when program 15 was run multiple times for the same check.

Payroll tax tables for Utah and Idaho, which both recently announced changes to their previously announced 2008 tax rates, have been updated.

Payroll Program 2, Deduction Tables: Utah has come up with a uniquely loopy tax table structure for 2008 which required us to add an extra Net Table line to the tax tables. To activate this feature enter "-3" in Deduction 1 or 2 and an extra Net Table will appear in its place on the credits screen.

Inventory programs 10, 28, 35, and 54 have been changed to ignore the new Cost Plus discounts now available in the Windows version.

Inventory Program 81, Item Master Print: Fixed a problem where some label formats did not allow the user to Separate By Warehouse.

Many new formats were added to the Inventory print layout file for Windows. Some formats shared by DOS and Windows were also cleaned up or had additional fields added.

New Feature! Allocations created by Point of Sale, Order Entry and Billing now include the Estimated Ship Date of the item from the invoice/order. When manually entering Allocations in Inventory you can enter an estimated ship date as well. This new feature will allow you to make much better projections of your inventory stocking needs.

Purchase Orders Program 10, Post Items Received: A recent patch enhanced this program to not 'go through the motions' of receiving items when the operator specifies a receiving quantity of zero. However, some users complained that they intentionally receive zero quantity on items to update the current cost in Inventory. So we restored that functionality for the Partial option only, leaving Exception as is.

Purchase Orders Program 53, Purge Expired/Completed: If you selected to only purge expired POs and to purge hold POs the program would also purge completed POs with holds.

Point of Sale Program 3, Start Cash Drawer: Was putting junk in the Printer Number field if you did a lookup there.

Point of Sale Program 51, Estimate to Invoice: Allowed cash estimates to be converted to layaways which should not have been allowed.

Point of Sale Programs 4 & 5, Full & Quick Invoicing: Some cash drawers, or printers that control cash drawers, require that null digits be sent as part of the 'open drawer' command. Point of Sale Full and Quick Invoicing took null codes to mean 'end of instruction' and did not send them, so the drawer would not open. Now both programs send all ten codes specified in program 3, including nulls.

Bank Reconciliation Program 3, Print Reconciliation: The program would accept an invalid Last GL Update Date and then print a report with figures that didn't make sense.

In File Maintenance it thought that one field in the Inventory Audit file was supposed to be right-justified when it wasn't.

Report Generator: A few fields in the AR Customer Master file had incorrect default settings in the Report Generator dictionary.

General Changes:

  • Security setting options have been added for new Windows Inventory programs.

  • Label report formats were all shifted over one character to the right, meaning that fields in labels could not print absolutely flush to the left margin (this has been the case for many years).

  • Changed the procedure for reading records from the database if certain header information in the file was found to be incorrect; will now behave well in spite of the problem, which can now also be repaired by File Fixer.

NOTE: At the same time as this patch was released, updated tax tables for the following states became available:


The Utah changes required a change to the way tables are entered and calculated, so the new Utah tables will not work properly unless you are current as of this patch. The updated ADPRTXTB.DAT file is included with the files downloaded for this patch or click here here to download the most current tax table file.

Click here to go to the page for this patch where you can review the versions changed in this patch and download the patch file.

If you prefer, you can order a replacement CD from your dealer to get all the latest patches and ensure you are up to date.

System Manager 5.04 Released

The System Manager for Windows, which is freely available to all RTS-Advantage users, has several new features:

  • A new GoTo capability has been added. Press Ctrl-G on your keyboard, or select GoTo from the Window menu and type the module and program number that you wish to access. This function works just like it does in the DOS product, and can launch both Windows and DOS RTS-Advantage programs. You can now use the System Manager as your 'main menu' for both DOS and Windows products!

  • Reorganize and Relink programs have been added on the File menu. They have the same functionality as the DOS versions.

  • A Daily Maintenance option has been added on the File menu. This all-new program allows you to Reorganize, Relink and do a Quick Backup on your data files, all with the click of a button.

  • Print Settings: a new option has been added, "Base Margins on Printer Capabilities" - when selected the margins you enter will be offsets from your maximum printable area on the printer you are printing to; without it set, the margins are from the physical edge of the paper.

  • A number of other internal changes were made to bring this module up to date with the internals of our new Windows Inventory module.

Click here to download System Manager version 5.04.

Windows Bank Rec 5.03 Released

The new version, 5.03, addresses some minor display issues in Process Transactions, and fixes a problem where it would accept an invalid Last GL Update Date in the Reconciliation program.

A number of other internal changes were made to bring this module up to date with the internals of our new Windows Inventory module.

Click here to download a patch to bring your Windows Bank Reconciliation module current.

Web Commerce 5.02 Released

The Import Orders program was changed to be able to deal with PDGs affiliate records which turned out to have two different possible formats (a fact that was undocumented by PDG).

A number of other internal changes were made to bring this module up to date with the internals of our new Windows Inventory module.

Click here to download a patch to bring your Web Commerce module current.

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