Version 4: Patch 34, 30-JAN-08

Version 4: Patch 34, Released January 30, 2008

This patch has been compressed with the PKZip utility. After downloading, you must decompress it before installing it with the DeltaDOS program.
This patch affects not only programs, but also data files in the SYS directory. The above link (PATCH34.ZIP) is rather large because it contains all the files updated by this patch. If you would rather download the files for each directory separately (which are smaller), use the links below:
Contains the PATCH34.DPF file which is used by DeltaDOS to update the program files.
Copy this file to the APROGS directory, decompress it and install the Patch34.DPF file with the DeltaDOS program.
Contains system data files such as FR, PL and SCFM files.
Copy this file to the AFILES directory, decompress it and allow it to overwrite the existing files.
UNIX Users: This patch is not available for download from our website. Please contact your dealer to order patch product.

This patch contains the following changes:

General Ledger Program 23, Tax Forms: As reported in the previous newsletter, W2s were incorrectly updated for 2007. This patch contains the corrected print layout.

Payroll Program 26, W-2/1099 Forms: A new prompt has been added which gives you the option of including employee contributions to Health Savings Account plans. A user notified us that if an HSA plan is part of a Section 125 (Cafeteria) plan that employee deductions are reportable in addition to the employer's contributions.

Accounts Receivable Program 51, Month End Purge: There was a programmer's debugging message left in it that would show up if the user was creating salesperson commission statements based on transaction payments. The message did not affect the proper running of the program but was pretty annoying.

Inventory Program 55, Import Data: Reporting item selling prices on its variance report. These figures were changed to report costs instead which are far more useful for auditing purposes. We still recommend, though, that the audit trail report from program 31 makes for a much better and accurate measure of the effects of an import.

Inventory Program 56, Quantity Reconciliation: Reports a problem if a serial number's warehouse quantity on hand does not match the serial number's quantity on hand, but did not print any explanatory text defining the problem.

Inventory Program 81, Inventory Master Report: Did not include the newly added reference types 6-8 on the report.

Purchase Orders Program 10, Post Items Received: In the Exception Post mode any PO lines that had a zero quantity received had audit trail and other meaningless zero quantity entries created for them, including updating of current cost in Inventory. Now the program does nothing for lines with zero quantity received. The same actions would take place under partial post if you received a quantity of zero.

Point of Sale Program 4, Full Invoicing: In adding the new delivery feature to the program, we used up enough additional resources that some users were getting out of memory errors when trying to do certain things in that program (most notably, adding an Inventory item on the fly). In order to reduce our memory footprint in this program we made some internal changes that should eliminate these problems.

Order Entry Program 3, Print Picking Ticket: Added many additional fields to section 10, the item detail. The most important of these is the Estimated Ship Date for the item. The addition of this field enables you to create an excellent shipping forecast report.

Note: The new fields discussed above have been added outside the normal printing area of section 10, so in order to print them you will need to use System Administrator Program 11, Modify Reports, to move them into the printable part of the report.

Report Generator did not offer to print by the Item Master's Description Key on reports with Inventory file A as the primary file.

Changes were made to several other system data files relating to forthcoming Windows products.

NOTE: At the same time as this patch was released, updated tax tables for the following states became available. Alabama, Connecticut (remember we do sample tables only for this state), District of Columbia, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, Missouri, Oklahoma, Puerto Rico, Rhode Island, Vermont.

Version After Applying Patch 34
Root 4.04
PR26: 4.05

AR51: 4.01

IN55: 4.03
IN56: 4.03
IN81: 4.05

PO10: 4.06

PS04: 4.14

All roots for the affected modules will have a date of 29-JAN-08 after successfully applying this patch.
After installing this patch all the files below
will be dated 30-JAN-08.

ADGL00PL.DAT: 4.04

ADPRSCFM.DAT: 4.04 (26)

ADIN00PL.DAT: 4.06

ADPSSCFM.DAT: 4.06 (4)

ADOE00PL.DAT: 4.04

ADPRTXTB.DAT: 4.18 (click to download)

How To Install Patch 34
This patch is available in one of two forms: either download the PATCH34.ZIP file which contains the program patch as well as the System and Data files, or separately download the files 34PROGS.ZIP,and 34SYS,ZIP. In either case, these instructions can be followed for loading the patch after downloading the file(s).
The PATCH34.ZIP contains the following files:
The patch file used to update the program files; should be copied to the APROGS directory and installed with DeltaDOS.
Copy this file to your SYS directory (the AFILES directory) and decompress it, allowing it to overwrite existing files.
If you chose to download the ZIP files for each directory separately, copy the 34PROGS.ZIP file to the APROGS directory, decompress it into the PATCH34.DPF file, then use the DeltaDOS program to install the patch.
To apply all the changes in this patch, follow these steps:
  1. As always, before loading any new software, make a backup of your data files.

  2. Decompress PATCH34.ZIP into the APROGS directory, or, if you downloaded separate files, decompress the 34PROGS.ZIP file into the APROGS directory.

  3. Move the 34SYS.ZIP file to the AFILES directory.

  4. Go to the AFILES directory and decompress the 34SYS.ZIP file, allowing it to overwrite existing files.

  5. Go to the APROGS directory and use the DeltaDOS Utility to apply the DPF patch file. Click here for instructions on using DeltaDOS.

  6. This patch adds fields to Inventory, Purchase Orders and Point of Sale, which means you'll have to run SA7, Update Data Files on all Inventory, Purchase Orders and Point of Sale companies after installing this patch.

  7. Because the SCFM files for Payroll and Point of Sale have changed, you'll need to update your custom SCFM files for those modules. (This only applies if you have made modifications to those modules with Screen Builder.) Click here for a discussion of how to update custom SCFM files.

    The specific programs affected are:

Payroll 26

Point of Sale 4

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