Version 4: Patch 41

Version 4: Patch 41, Released March 16, 2011

This patch has been compressed with the PKZip utility. After downloading, you must decompress it before installing it with the DeltaDOS program.

* New credit card processor rules which go into effect in July required changes to our X-Charge credit card interface. The new rule is that when a debit card is run for an amount that exceeds the card's available balance, instead of declining the transaction, as was done before, the card is to be partially approved for the amount equal to the available balance. We have added the capability to recognize this occurrence in our software, to automatically change the tender to reflect it, and to warn the user that a partial approval has occurred.

We also made some further credit card processing related enhancements. First, we have had reports that occasionally the X-Charge service will fail to start when we call it from our software. There seems to be no good reason for this, but the fact is that it does seem to. So we are now attempting to start X-Charge as many as five times before giving up and returning an error.

We also changed the interface so that it is no longer necessary for the APROGS directory to be your working directory for RTS-Advantage in order to successfully start X-Charge.

NOTE: Since the Point of Sale and Quick Sale 4.0 modules have been superseded by the Windows Point of Sale Invoicing module, the credit card processing changes were not made to the 4.0 versions of those modules.

* Default FICA tax rates updated for 2011 in Payroll program 25 (Tax Returns), General Ledger programs 22 (Quarterly Reports) and 23 (Tax Forms).

* New error messages and program info added for Windows product.

Version After Applying Patch 41
Root 4.10: Only changed in the modules updated: GL, PR, AR, BL, OE

GL00: 4.01
GL22: 4.01
GL23: 4.04
PR25: 4.08
AR18: 4.04
BL04: 4.11
OE01: 4.12

How To Install Patch 41
The PATCH41.ZIP contains the following file:
The patch file used to update the program files; copy it to the APROGS directory and install with DeltaDOS.
Copy this file to your SYS directory (the AFILES directory) and decompress it, allowing it to overwrite existing files.
To apply all the changes in this patch, follow these steps:
    1. As always, before loading any new software, make a backup of your data files.

    2. Decompress PATCH41.ZIP into the APROGS directory.

    3. Move the 41SYS.ZIP file to the AFILES directory.

    4. Go to the AFILES directory and decompress the 41SYS.ZIP file, allowing it to overwrite existing files.

    5. Go to the APROGS directory and use the DeltaDOS Utility to apply the DPF patch file. Click here for instructions on using DeltaDOS.

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