Patch For The Launchpad Application

Patch for the Launchpad Application

This patch addresses a problem with Launchpad where the program starts off-screen and appears to be invisible. The program is running and you can see it in the Windows taskbar but it doesn't display on the screen.

This patch will check to see if Launchpad is going to start in a location that is off of the physical screen, and, if so, will override that location so it displays in the center of the screen. You can then move the Launchpad window to a new location if you like.

In order to install this patch, you'll need to determine the directory where your copy of Launchpad is installed. Typically, this is \Program Files\Roundtable\Launchpad, but you can check the Target value under the icon's Properties to be sure of the location on a given machine.

Once that directory is determined, download the file below (LAUNCH.ZIP) into that location and then decompress it. The downloaded ZIP file contains a self-installing patch file, LAUNCHFX.EXE.

Install the patch by running the LAUNCHFX.EXE file.This can be done by clicking on it in Windows Explorer or from the DOS prompt, whichever you are most comfortable with. Note that when clicking on the file in Windows Explorer, a DOS window will briefly flash on the screen and then the patch will be installed. When run from a DOS prompt, the DeltaDOS patch installation program will display feedback about it's progress as the patch is installed.

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