Version 4: Patch 40

Version 4: Patch 40, Released December 15, 2010

This patch has been compressed with the PKZip utility. After downloading, you must decompress it before installing it with the DeltaDOS program.

This patch primarily addresses end of the year Payroll changes and X-Charge updates.

* W-2 printing in Payroll updated for reporting of federal HIRE program wages. This program to relieve employers of paying social security tax on new hirees was available for 2010 only (so far no indication that it will be renewed for 2011). Wages paid to employees must be paid in a separate set of pay types so that the wages may be broken out on the W2 in box 12 (new code CC). New prompting added to ask for these pay types in Payroll program 26 (Tax Returns).

Note: 1099-MISC reporting in General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and Payroll and W2 reporting in General Ledger were not updated as no changes affected the way those programs calculate and print those forms.

* The latest version of X-Charge requires that users enter their User ID and Password each time the X-Charge interface is started. If you prefer not to be prompted each time, you can now set two environment variables, XC_USERID and XC_PASSWORD, with the needed information, and RTS-Advantage will automatically log you in using these keys. To create the environment variables edit your AUTOEXEC.NT file in the Windows/System32 folder and add the lines:


Replacing the square bracketed information with your actual X-Charge User ID and Password.

* Customer addresses passed to X-Charge were being cut off at the first blank in the address.

* Order Entry program 52 (Drop Ship Purchase Orders) incorrectly calculated the number of records needed to create POs and would in some cases report that there was not enough room even though there was.

* The ADSAPROG.DAT file was updated because of a new program added to the Windows PI module. If you download the PI patch it is important that you patch your 4.0 product as well to maintain compatibility between the two products.

Version After Applying Patch 40
Root 4.09: Only changed in the modules updated: PR, AR, PS, BL, OE, QS.

PR26: 4.08
OE52: 4.02


How To Install Patch 40
The PATCH40.ZIP contains the following file:
The patch file used to update the program files; copy it to the APROGS directory and install with DeltaDOS.
Copy this file to your SYS directory (the AFILES directory) and decompress it, allowing it to overwrite existing files.
To apply all the changes in this patch, follow these steps:
    1. As always, before loading any new software, make a backup of your data files.

    2. Decompress PATCH40.ZIP into the APROGS directory.

    3. Move the 40SYS.ZIP file to the AFILES directory.

    4. Go to the AFILES directory and decompress the 40SYS.ZIP file, allowing it to overwrite existing files.

    5. Go to the APROGS directory and use the DeltaDOS Utility to apply the DPF patch file. Click here for instructions on using DeltaDOS.

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