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RTS-Advantage Inventory for Windows

Step into the future with the new RTS-Advantage for Windows Inventory module.

With a wealth of new features, complete compatibility with your current DOS software,
and the ease of use of a native Windows interface you are ready to kick your business into high gear!

There are hundreds of new features in our new Inventory module, but let’s start with some of the headliners - features that will enhance your productivity, lower your costs and make your business run smoothly and efficiently:
  • New Inventory Expert program lets you view every detail about your items all from one convenient window. Imagine the convenience of having all that information at your fingertips as you process sales and place POs. Inventory Expert is highly configurable. You can limit the information shown based on each user’s privileges - your salespeople, stock clerks, and managers can all be limited to viewing the information you want them to see. You can even set up Inventory Expert so that your walk-in customers can search your inventory, all without security concerns. The DOS version of Inventory Expert sold for $395, yet it is included free as part of the Windows Inventory module. Explore This Feature

  • Barcodes can be printed on any of your reports and label formats. Barcoding your inventory is one of the biggest productivity enhancements you can make in your business, and now you don’t have to mess with 3rd party utilities to bring that to a reality. You can have RTS-Advantage Inventory add barcodes to ANY report or label format produced in the module, and the barcodes can be based on ANY field on those reports. We offer a complete suite of 11 different 1-D barcode symbologies and offer you complete control over sizing and positioning. Barcode label printing software can cost thousands of dollars, we offer it at no extra cost in our Inventory module. Explore This Feature

  • Between item labels, shelf labels, serial number labels, bin labels, receiving labels and tags, your inventory practically runs on labels. And our new Inventory module now supports sheet labels (the kind used with laser and inkjet printers), which were all but impossible to produce in the DOS version of the Inventory module. You can now make your own laser label formats, but chances are you won’t need to because we’ve preprogrammed all the most popular Avery label formats into our label printing programs for you. We even include a feature that lets you use partial sheets of labels - no waste! Explore This Feature

  • Photos and other external files can now be associated with your inventory items. See what your item looks like when you’re viewing it in the Item Master or Inventory Expert, or go even further and attach a schematic, spec sheet, or any other external file to the item. This could be a major boon to your salespeople and customer service personnel! Explore This Feature

  • The new Charts and Graphs program offers you a high-end set of tools for analyzing your inventory. Highly configurable and customizable, this program comes with capabilities for charting sales, productions, receipts, costs, quantity sold and discounts over time, inventory turn analysis, sales by warehouse and product category. Produce bar graphs, scatter graphs, pie charts and more, even in 3-D. No more need to export your data to Excel to analyze your data, and no need for high-end, expensive graphics packages to produce professional charts and graphs! And you will have access to more data to graph because of the new 5 years of monthly sales totals! Explore This Feature

  • Now 5 years of monthly sales totals can be tracked for your items instead of the single year offered by the DOS version. And the monthly totals are now for not just quantity sold, but also sales dollars, discount dollars and costs. As you build this expanded database you’ll be able to leverage it not only for informative charts and graphs, but also to fine-tune your minimum quantity settings, with a much more flexible Adjust Minimum Quantities program. Explore This Feature

  • Our new Super Ranges, which allow you to set ranges and wildcards on practically anything in your database, will allow you to fine-tune reports and batch processes far beyond the capabilities of the DOS product. Explore This Feature
Those are some of our favorite new features, and sure to be some of yours, but there are many more great enhancements, time-savers and productivity-enhancers. We’ll get to them all as we go through the individual programs. Though there are new features in almost all of our programs, we've placed a lightbulb () next to those that have particularly exciting new features:

Special Limited Time Pricing
The Windows Inventory module has a list price of $695, but if you order before June 30 2008 you'll receive:
  • Windows-based RTS-Advantage Inventory Version 5 module

  • latest version of System Manager

  • the latest patches for your Version 4 installation

  • trial versions of our other Windows modules

All for the introductory price of just $495!
(Limited Time Offer)

And if you still haven't upgraded your RTS-Advantage installation to version 4 (required to run any Windows modules) your dealer has a very special once-in-a-lifetime package deal available to bring you up to date --
call your Roundtable Software reseller for details!
Try Before You Buy!

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