Bank Reconciliation Windows Enhancements: Introduction

Bank Reconciliation Windows Enhancements

Welcome to an introduction to the new RTS-Advantage for Windows Bank Reconciliation module. Since this is our first native Windows module, let's start by talking just a little bit about the general interface. Looking at the screen snap above, you'll see on the upper left the main RTS-Advantage window, which displays a tree list of all programs in the package. This is where you'll go to launch RTS-Advantage programs--it's equivalent to the main menus of your DOS modules, but puts them all in one central place. Also on the screenshot are assorted Windows Advantage programs running, as well as a window running the DOS version of RTS-Advantage. We show this to point out that the DOS and Windows versions of the software are 100% compatible--they can be run at the same time, they work off the same data files, and they interface properly in terms of data sharing and record locking. When you go to the Windows version of Advantage you are not giving anything up--you are simply adding a new interface to your existing package. You can use the DOS and Windows version at the same time and interchangeably.

Now that doesn't mean you aren't gaining anything but a new look to the package. As you'll see as we take the tour, we've added plenty of great enhancements and conveniences without sacrificing all the flexibility and power you've come to expect from RTS-Advantage. Unlike many other accounting packages that sacrificed features and functionality when they migrated from DOS to Windows, our rule #1 here at Roundtable Software has been that all functionality must be preserved,  improved or enhanced.

We know that most of you reading this have been loyal to our product for a long time when the urge to switch to a Windows-based product might have been strong. We hope that our Windows product, though long in coming, will prove to you that the wait has been worth it.

Now on with the tour!

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