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A/R Archiver

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No more wading through yesterday’s data to process today’s business.

Accounts Receivable Archiver lets you keep historical customer data online without bogging down your daily processing.

Features & Benefits

Accessible Directly From Within the Roundtable Software Advantage Accounting System: By using either the GoTo window, the Accounts Receivable Archiver program can easily be accessed. When done, you return directly to the accounting software.

Relieves Slowdown Within Live Company:You could retain customer history by setting all your customers to a “No Purge” purge type, but that very quickly accumulates enough data to significantly slow down your daily processing. By transferring that data to a separate archive company, you get to keep the history without sacrificing speed.

Use The Roundtable Software Advantage Accounting System To Access Historical Records: Because the data is simply copied to another A/R company, you can use the programs you already know to view and print your customers’ history. The package also includes several Report Generator formats that provide summarized totals for customers, departments, sales tax and salespersons.

Keep An Unlimited Amount Of History:The amount of historical data you retain is limited only by your disk space.

Keep Only The Data Important To You: The Update option allows you to choose which of the following files you want to archive:

Aging/Statement Detail                      Charge and Payment Summaries
Sales History                                     Commission Audit

Easily Separate Historical Data By Year: At year–end, just create a new A/R company for the next year and change the default Archive Company to be that number. Many customers simply use the last two digits of the year.

Streamlined Maintenance Of Archived Data:Accounts Receivable Archiver includes a program to update the following files in the archive company with any changes entered in the live data.

Customers                    Departments                         Sales Tax
Salespersons                 Buyer’s Department              System Defaults
$395 Suggested Retail Price

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Accounts Receivable Archiver allows you to retain A/R historical data by updating a separate A/R company with your “live” data. By preserving this history in a separate company, you can access historical customer data with just a few simple keystrokes. This easy-to-use program includes options to update the archive with new “permanent” records (customers, salespeople, departments, etc.) as well as the option to select which transactional data (aging detail, charge/payment summaries, etc.) to retain. In addition, the package includes a program to selectively purge unwanted data. Several Report Generator formats are also included that provide summarized totals for customers, departments, salespersons and sales tax.

Why Do You Need Accounts Receivable Archiver?

Your customers are your most valuable asset. Managing this asset is crucial to your business success. With A/R Archiver, you can easily retain your customers’ invoice and payment data on–line for later review and analysis. The Accounts Receivable Archiver allows you to move A/R data to a separate company. Keeping historical data in a separate company allows you to analyze data without locking up or slowing down the live processing. Managers can run reports, salespeople can review accounts and bookkeepers can retrieve information without affecting your daily processing.

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How do I stop employees from accidentally posting in the archive company? Use the built–in security within the Roundtable Software Advantage Accounting System to establish a unique password for the archive company. That way, whenever an employee accesses the archived data, they must enter a password that is different from any other password in the system.

What is the limit on the amount of detail I can keep? You can keep as much history as your hard drive can hold. However, many users create separate companies for each year so that the data files remain managable for searches. And, with A/R Archiver’s ability to only archive selected files, you can keep just the data you find pertinent.

When a new version of the Roundtable Software Advantage Accounting System is released, how is A/R Archiver impacted? For normal, minor releases, there is generally no need to change the A/R Archiver software. For major releases, a nominal upgrade fee is charged.

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