RTS-Advantage Point of Sale Invoicing for Windows

Step into the future with the new RTS-Advantage for Windows Point of Sale Invoicing module. With a raft of new features, backward compatibility with your version 4 DOS software, and the ease of use of a native Windows interface you are ready to kick your business into high gear!

There are many exciting new features in our Point of Sale Invoicing module, but let’s start by looking back. Having a successful Point of Sale package on the market since 1984, we know what users want out of their PoS -- speed, productivity and security. Since this new package was a ground-up replacement for an already excellent product, we knew what to improve and what to leave be. After a quarter-century of listening to user concerns we've produced a package that repesents the sum of all that experience. 

Use any of our products and you soon realize that Roundtable's proprietary database technology gives you blazing fast access to data. Got a few million items in your inventory? No problem -- RTS-Advantage retrieves and saves information in huge databases so fast you'll experience not even a stutter. When you build a PoS system on top of that kind of foundation you're already leading the pack. Now in our new Point of Sale package we address the speed equation on the human end -- you predefine all the fields you want to stop at when invoicing, automatically jumping past all those that don't apply or are seldom used. Never press a single key that doesn't apply directly to your specific needs. And of course we're compatible with bar code scanners to ramp up the productivity even more.

We've listened to your concerns and improved productivity throughout Point of Sale Invoicing -- informative graphics show business activity by the hour and the day, much improved reporting gives you pinpoint access to the information you want, and more convenient till reconciliation reduces clerk busywork time at the end of their shift.

We also offer real-time updating of Inventory and Accounts Receivable now, so that information doesn't get out of date during the day. We've made transaction archiving simple and streamlined, too -- no more switching companies to find old invoices. And if you do route sales or have remote locations you are going to love the convenience of our new Remote Operations capabilities (not available in Limited Edition).

We've also made the system much more flexible regarding salespeople, clerks, cash drawers and tills. Previously the four were combined together artificially -- now each is entirely separate, allowing you to uniquely track all four.

Point of Sale also now gives you access to all the information you could want about your inventory and customers at the click of a button. Inventory Expert (part of our Inventory package) and Customer Expert (not included in Limited Edition) eliminate all the fumbling around that slows down PoS clerks. Do we have that item in stock? Is the customer's account paid up? There's no need to jump through hoops to answer such questions anymore -- just click the button!

If you have an operation that could benefit from emailing estimates and invoices, or print bar codes on your picking tickets and invoices, the new module offers that, too. You can even print fancy invoices with logos and attractive color page design right from the software -- no need to pay for preprinted forms anymore. But don't worry -- if you still prefer your old dot-matrix receipt printer for the superior speed, we've maintained support for the low-end as well!

Clerk security
must be a high priority in any business. Whether due to inadvertent mistakes or intentional hanky-panky, a clerk who oversteps their bounds can cause major headaches for your business. That's why Point of Sale Invoicing provides an incredibly fine amount of control over the activities that your clerks are and are not allowed to do. Almost every field, feature and type of transaction available in the Invoicing program may be individually secured, and you may elect to turn off a field or feature completely or require the approval of supervisor for on-the-fly overrides.

In addition to field-level security, you also have the ability to allow clerks access to a feature like line item discounting, but disallow them from giving too great a discount, and that maximum discount can be set differently by clerk, too. And for keeping an eye on clerks one of our best new features is the option to save all voided transactions for later review. We also track which clerks created and last edited every transaction.

Please explore the new Point of Sale Invoing module with these short videos:
Setup & Masters
Programs in this section: System Defaults, Terminal Defaults, Merchant Services, Custom Lookups, Till Master, Preset Master, Clerk Master

Starting & Ending Your Day
Programs in this section: Till Start Shift, Till End Shift, Till Reconciliation, Detail Summary, Department Summary, End of Day Update

Processing Transactions
Programs in this section: Invoicing, Estimate to Invoice, Reprint Invoices

Remote Operations
Programs in this section:
Office-Update Remote, Office-Merge Remote, Remote-Send Files, Remote-Receive Files

Transaction Archiving
Programs in this section: Reprint Transactions, Detail Summary, Department Summary

Other Programs
Programs in this section: Charts & Graphs, Requested Item Analysis, Cash Customers to CI

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