What's New In Version 3.0

What's New In Version 3.0

 What’s New In Version 3 of the Roundtable Software Advantage Accounting System

The System Is Y2K Ready
Click for more details: Y2K Fixes
Date ranges on reports, updates, purges, etc. have been updated. Their default values are now 00/00/00 through 12.31.99. (December 31, 2099).
User-defined separator. Before, all dates past 2000 had to be entered with a period rather than a slash. This release gives you to option of switching the separator so that periods represent dates in the 1900s while slashes are entered for dates past 2000. This can be switched at any time and can be changed back, if necessary.
Now properly handles February 29, 2000. For more details on this and other Y2K problems and how Roundtable Software has fixed them, click on the Y2K Fixes link at the left.
Literally hundreds of changes were made to various programs throughout the package to ensure Y2K compatability. 
Accounts Receivable Program 28–A/R Balance
Fixed the Recalculate function, which was calculating an essentially random number for your balance.
Inventory (all programs)
Weird messages appeared on the screen when chaining from one program to another.
Inventory Program 25–Produce/Receive
Fixed a problem where Inventory file 6 gets ‘blown up’ to massive proportions under some circumstances. Several other problems in this program, mostly having to do with FIFO/LIFO costing, were also fixed.

Quantity on hand of Affect "Yes" parents is no longer reduced when they are an intermediate level in a larger explosion.

Purchase Orders Program 9–Post Purchase Orders
Fixed the problem with recalculating PO totals when a line item was edited.
Report Generator
Fixed Y2K date functionality. Fixed Notes printing problems.
IC–Verify Credit Card Processing
Fixed a problem with credit card approval taking much longer than necessary.
Fixed problems with child items not being properly reduced.
System Administrator Program 5-Create Files
If a file was sized for 0 records, the program was forcing it to 100 without giving any notification to the user. File would then be larger in the operating system than size reported by SA6. Program now forces minimum size of  1 and reports the fact correctly.
Adding Customers and Items On The Fly
Can now be used. Previously, the cursor path would be lost when returning from adding and the customer/item added could not be immediately used.
Aged Schedule and Statements in Accounts Receivable
Now defaults to Aging By Invoice Date rather than Due Date. This is in response to requests from many users who prefer to age invoices based on the original date of entry rather than the date they are due.
Corrected problems with blank lines when printing and display problems when deleting characters.
Post Received Items, Purchase Orders Program 10
Eliminated incorrect errors when receiving serialized items.
OK/Cancel Box
New position in center of bottom 2 lines of screen so that it does not obscure data.
Point Of Sale Selections Redone
With the addition of Quick Sale Store and Office to the Point of Sale selector bar, you had to enter Q 3 times to quit. Now Q quits immediately.
Reduced memory requirements by approximately 10% by optimizing code. 
Also removed mouse support. Mouse support will be added back when we make it functional throughout the screens and not just in menus.
Now uses the AUSER environment variable in all programs to find the company-specific data files if the path is not otherwise specified.

Year 2000 Fixes
Whats New In Version 3.0
The most important aspect of the Roundtable Software Extensions to Armor Advantage Supreme Accounting System is our improved handling of the Y2K problem. Armor was selling a version 2.5 that it claimed was a Y2K upgrade—unfortunately it had major shortcomings that would definitely have a negative impact on your business. Here are some of the problems, along with Roundtable Software’s solutions:

PROBLEM  The most visible problem with Armor’s version 2.5 is that none of the ranges on reports, updates, purges, etc. have been updated. Their default values are still 00/00/00 through 12/31/99. Once we get into the year 2000 you would have to manually key in a proper ending date. If you occasionally forget to do this you will likely throw off your accounting.

SOLUTION  A simple problem with a simple solution. Roundtable Software’s version 3.0 has proper ranges that take into account Y2K—00/00/00 through 12.31.99 (2099).

PROBLEM  Armor’s version 2.5 did not address the fact that it is very inconvenient, and likely fraught with problems, for your accounting personnel to remember that 2000+ dates must be entered with periods rather than slashes (for example, January 21, 2000 should be entered as 01.21.00). What may seem like a minor inconvenience can easily blow up into a major problem. For instance, typing 01/21/00 as a GL posting date or AR invoice date can cause some major headaches.

SOLUTION  We at Roundtable Software have put a lot of thought into this problem and have come to the conclusion that there really is no truly ideal answer. The approach we are taking, however, will minimize the problem as much as possible. Our solution allows you to ‘switch’ the meaning of the slash and period whenever you like. Thus, once you arrive at January 1, 2000 (or any date of your choosing), you can tell the system to swap the meanings of the two date separators. In other words, once you ‘flip the switch’, the Roundtable Software Advantage Accounting System will recognize dates with slashes as being in the 21st century and dates with periods as being from the 20th century. This is not an ‘all or nothing’ switch--you can switch it now and give it a test run, then switch back for the remainder of 1999 and switch again in 2000, if you like.

PROBLEM  We’ve saved the worst for last. There has been a bug in the Armor Advantage Supreme Accounting System (and all earlier Armor packages, for that matter) for many years. The original programmers at Armor thought that the year 2000 was not a leap year when in fact it is. When those programmers wrote the code to handle dates they thought the next day after February 28, 2000 was March 1st. This may seem like a minor problem, and it was until Armor tried to fix it in their version 2.5 upgrade. Their fix for the problem is to treat February 29, 2000 as a special date. There is now special code in the Armor version of the software devoted to handling that one single date unlike any other dates in the system. Unfortunately this special code doesn’t work correctly and creates some major problems.

To explain further we have to get a bit technical. Armor stores dates not in their normal form but as a number that equals the number of days since January 1, 1900. Thus 1/1/1900 is stored as 1, 1/2/1900 is 2 and so on. Before Armor’s version 2.5, the year 2000 leap year problem manifested itself this way:

As you can see, Armor could see no difference between 2/29/2000 and 3/1/2000. If you haven’t purchased Armor's latest update yet you can easily see this in Armor by typing 02.29.00 at a date prompt—the system will automatically change it to 03.01.00.

Armor’s version 2.5 tries to address this problem by assigning 2/29/2000 a ‘special’ number. Now Armor stores dates as follows:

This is bad in so many ways it’s hard to know where to start, but here’s an incomplete list:

We could go on longer, but you get the idea. This method of fixing the problem is just a jury–rig and will probably cause even more unforeseen problems than those we’ve discovered.

SOLUTION  Roundtable Software has implemented a solution for the problem that involves no jury–rigging, no special code and no special handling of 2/29/2000. This solution is simple and avoids all possible problems with date ranges, sorts and all the rest. Not only that, but version 3.0 will even automatically handle any ‘special’ dates that may have already gotten into your files from Armor’s Y2K release. We’d tell you more about our elegant and simple solution, but you can understand that we don’t really want to pass it along for others to try to duplicate.

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