RTS Advantage Data Export Tool

RTS-Advantage Data Export Tool

Download A Limited Use Demo

The demo version requires version 4.0 of the RTS-Advantage Accounting Software and
is limited to exporting only the first 5 records from a file but is otherwise a fully functioning version.

Click on the screen image at the left to see an animated demo.

This will run in a media player and may appear a bit jerky due to transmission times.

  • Exports data directly from Roundtable Software Advantage Accounting System data files to a variety of formats
  • Access all modules and most files* within the module
  • User-definable field titles
  • Define and save templates for later re-use
  • Complete Data File Layouts included in documentation
*Key files, Notes and Help files not available for export
  • Supported export formats:
    • Excel
    • Access
    • dBase (and compatibles)
    • Excel ASCII CSV
    • ASCII Comma-delimited
    • ASCII TAB-delimited
    • ASCII Fixed Field Length

The RTS Advantage Data Export Tool allows you to extract data from the Roundtable Software Advantage Accounting System. The program can export to Access database files (MDB); Excel spreadsheet files (XLS); dBase format files (DBF) as well as three text formats: comma-delimited (both TXT and CSV), fixed field length and TAB delimited. Any of the text formats can include field titles or not, as you prefer. Field titles can be customized by the user when exporting to any format. Also, when exporting to the text formats, you have the option to append or overwrite existing files.

The Data Export Tool allows you to export data from each Roundtable Software Advantage module and from most of the files in the modules. You cannot export key file data, notes or help data. In addition to the fields from a file, the program allows you to include 5 additional standard fields in your export: Current Record, Module Code, File Number, Today's Date and Company Number.

If you want to export to a format that we donít support directly, almost any application should be able to read one of the available export formats, such as dBase or comma-delimited. Refer to the documentation for that application to determine which formats it can accept.

By using the Data Export Tool, you create a template file (*.XDF) which contains the module, company and file you are exporting from as well as the fields to be exported and your name for each field. These files are created in the Advantage AUSER directory and should be added to your backups.


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