FROM: Gary Pahel, Central Florida Computer Consultants, Port St. Lucie, Florida

I have been associated with the Excalibur software since 1985. It was then and is now one of the best accounting software packages available. I have installed and continue to do telephone support for this product and have had customers on contract for almost as long as I have been in business. I have done more than 300 installation and training seminars.

We have been associated with Roundtable Software for approximately five years and have installed and supported their third party software as well. It has been one of the easiest projects I have undertaken. Roundtable's software works flawlessly and requires almost no support.

Approximately three years ago I stopped selling the Armor product due to Armor's change in marketing strategy (i.e., selling direct to my customers). When I heard that Roundtable had bought the source code and had made improvements, I was ecstatic. So far I have installed at least 30 copies of Roundtable's Y2K version of Advantage and the number of support calls has dwindled. This is due to the integrity of Roundtable's software. I will continue to recommend and sell Roundtable's version of Advantage. Keep up the good work! In addition, I have repaired many installations of Armor's version 2.5 with your version 3. These customers are now happy campers.

I have researched, purchased and attended seminars on other software packages costing much more than the Advantage software. They offered fewer capabilities and were not as flexible.

FROM: John R. Black, BBM Systems, Concord, California

To whom it may concern:

We have been selling & supporting Armor software since the early eighties and feel very fortunate to have discovered Roundtable Software in the nineties.

Support on Armor products from Roundtable Software has exceeded my expectations and their third party software products are the most reliable we have ever experienced.

We were disappointed when we received Armor's Y2K upgrade version 2.5 and could have been in a lot of trouble with our customer base if it had not been for Roundtable Software's upgrade 3.0. Every test we ran on it worked without a glitch and we have since recommended it to all of our customers.

We believe Roundtable Software is a high quality company and plan to do business with them now and in the future.

FROM: Nancy Gatlin, Aperion Information Technologies, Detroit, Michigan

Dear Roundtable,

All the staff at Aperion would like to take a moment to thank you for your help and support over the years. In our 4 to 5 years of working with you, we are always impressed with your technical knowledge and response time and extremely happy with your wonderful attitude and extra effort you have put forth on our behalf. As a dealer it is nice to know there is someone to fall back on in a pinch and you have helped me out of more than a few.

It is always a pleasure to work with you.

FROM: Harold Rosenbaum, The Sheffield Group, Norcross, Georgia

We are a reseller and have sold and used the Armor family of products since 1983. We have been working with Roundtable for the past five years. Without Roundtable's help and direction, we would never have been able to continue to sell and support Advantage. The ability to provide custom solutions to our clients and use the great programming knowledge and skill of Roundtable Software have put the word "Group" in our company name to good use. Advantage is a great product and Roundtable are the people you should create a partnership with.

FROM: Rick Walters, Operations Manager, Marcus Specialty Foods

Roundtable technical support is worth every cent!

FROM: Peggy O'Neill, Office Manager, Plastic Tubing Industries

Plastic Tubing Industries, Inc. would like to take this opportunity to show our appreciation to for the excellent support and great service we have received from Roundtable Software. We look forward to the same wonderful service in the years to come. Thank you again.

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